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  1. cookie

    only post in this thread if ur at work

    thank you kindly for this message. actually i do not have access to the systems to do the needful. pinging monkfish
  2. cookie

    “Slugma” in french

    Figma balls lol
  3. cookie

    What is your opinion?

    in soviet russian opinion is onion pie because it has onions in pie, whereas opinion is usually pi in onion
  4. cookie

    I Just Hyper Trained My Age IV

    im gonna go ahead and give this thread a solid Hell Yeah Dude
  5. cookie

    sandwich rota

    the sandwich of the week is the BLT. next week it will be something else
  6. cookie

    Why do you argue on the internet?

    I argue on the internet because I crave conflict
  7. cookie


    I respect your right to shitpost aurora
  8. cookie

    Thank you sah

    Thank you sah
  9. cookie

    Smogoff Knife Fight No Johns (Finals)

    can i bring a gun
  10. cookie


  11. cookie

    Re: re: FW: FW: FW: OOO message Please kindly note that cookie is out of office. Please forward...

    Re: re: FW: FW: FW: OOO message Please kindly note that cookie is out of office. Please forward all queries to monkfish
  12. cookie

    this seems sus

  13. cookie

    New Smogon Reacts (only 2, dont request more fuck off)

    can we add the linkedin reacts
  14. cookie

    Hobbies About the Furry Fandom.

    i suppose there isn't a term for it, in the same way there isn't a term for someone whose "type" is someone who's sporty
  15. cookie

    Are you staying dehydrated?

    let me ask you something aurora, are you staying funny?
  16. cookie

    anyone have a gf yet? the arhops of his time
  17. cookie

    Smogon 2022 Death Bingo [FINAL]

    where were you when michael gobstopper dies i was at home drinking paint thinner when frend ring "mike is kill" "no"
  18. cookie

    Social Where is your nick from?

    cookie is short for cookie crumbz i took cookie crumbs, which is something random and innocuous, and then added z to make it edgy. it's such an awful username so you can understand why i shortened it.
  19. cookie

    Temporary crown safety

    strong poster energy
  20. cookie

    First pokemon game that you played?

    help the link is blue but i can't click