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    Pokemon Showdown Quote Database

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    Hobbies awwwww, you guys made me iiiink (tattoo thread!)

    Just got my first tattoo in honor of my parents and my wedding last July.
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    Challenge (Finished) Pokemon Midele Emerald Nuzlocke

    I've been reading from the beginning and I'm so glad to see that your run was victorious. I actually checked the forum every day just for an update on the run. Great job!
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    Pokemon Scarlet & Violet - 18th Nov 2022! **OFFICIAL INFO ONLY**

    Yeah, it's definitely Spain + Portugal. I stitched the map together and certain landmarks in the trailer match up with Spanish landmarks.
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    SPOILERS! Legends: Arceus Playthrough Discussion

    After almost 100 hours of playtime, I’ve pretty much finished everything. I ended up with a little over 50 shinies, including one shiny alpha (not static). I really loved this game. Highlights from the end:
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    CAP 30 - Part 14 - Name Submissions

    Final Submission Grimaire A combination of "Grimoire" + "Air." Pronounced: "GRIM-air" IPA: ɡɹɪmˌɛɚ Pretty simple name that was made by changing one letter of the original word (grimoire = book) to incorporate "air" (related to the CAP's secondary typing). "Grim air" could be another way to...
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    Pokemon BDSP Playthrough Discussion

    I just completed my mono Poison run! It was super fun. Here's some screenshots of the sets: It was super fun. I beat almost every trainer (except the Ramanas route) and didn't end up overleveled at the Cynthia fight. Cynthia was not super challenging, as Drapion set up +6 Attack and +2 Speed...
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    SPOILERS! Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl Data Dumps

    Doesn't learn it! I was excited to use Nasty Plot + Baton Pass. :(
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    SPOILERS! Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl Data Dumps

    I was really excited to use Girafarig, as I have never used it before. I started planning out some end-game sets and realized that Girafarig actually has no special Normal STAB. :pikuh:
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    Ardy Nuzlockes Renegade Platinum!

    Cool run, but did you purposely avoid evolving Mime Jr. or did you forget it evolves by knowing Mimic at level up…? It’s going to be a while until the relearner in Pastoria.
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    ol’ finchinator appreciation thread

    Well… he was a super mod… and then he wasn’t. I think you’re missing some context… lol
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    Least favourite letter of the alphabet

    you sure know your stuphph
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    Little things you like about Pokémon

    Speaking of Bidoof Day, they released a very important announcement...
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    Tell me your shitty superpower and I will try to find a way to use it for evil

    Since honeybees can swarm hornets and kill them with the power of their body heat, I'm pretty sure you could just tell enough of whatever insects you want (no matter how generally harmless) to swarm your enemies and cook them alive or suffocate them.
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    Media One Piece (spoilers!)

    As you said near the end, this is very much on purpose and it is actually one of the defining features of One Piece. The characters very rarely die, but there are deaths. The relative lack of death makes the ones that actually happen that much more meaningful and impactful.
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    Shiny Pokemon Experiences

    Assuming you initiated the raid yourself, you had a 100% capture rate regardless of which ball you used!
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    Social LGBTQIA+

    As an update, we're finally getting married in a month!
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    GSC In-Game Tier List Mk. IV

    When tiering Psyduck, I think we should either split GS/C or very clearly talk about their differences in the write-up. GS Psyduck comes at a time when you have Surf already. C Psyduck comes pre-Bugsy and is stuck with Scratch until 16 (nine levels) when it gets Confusion. It picks up Ice Punch...
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    GSC In-Game Tier List Mk. IV

    I can’t tell exactly what you meant by the Golbat line, but I can confirm I ran into a Golbat just inside the Ecruteak entrance the other day, so Surf was not necessary in Crystal.
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    GSC In-Game Tier List Mk. IV

    I’ve already beaten the game. The information was in the post you originally quoted.