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  1. Typhlosion4

    Lifestyle Self-improvement thread

    I agree it can be hard to socialize I find it difficult myself. Most timed I rather be alone and secluded but I realized I don’t really wanna be like that my whole life. What you said is right baby steps count and I’m glad you are doing that and finally making progress keep up the good work...
  2. Typhlosion4

    Lifestyle Self-improvement thread

    Best of luck I’m sure you will pull it off eventually. I wish you nothing but the best. It’s not easy but you are certainly putting the effort forth.
  3. Typhlosion4

    Lifestyle Self-improvement thread

    I think personally don’t overthink it do what you like to do regardless smogon or Pokémon in general. Honestly I only involve myself with this forum (only a several threads here) and smogoff as that’s the forums I feel comfortable in. Also it’s just a hobby don’t think much of it just enjoy it...
  4. Typhlosion4

    Lifestyle Things that you might be struggling with

    Getting therapy is good I’ll definitely do that soon for my social anxiety. Word to all you folks just keep striving for better and don’t beat yourself up. Most importantly just be you don’t overwhelm yourself keep taking baby steps to face your problems. Best of luck to each of you. Know you...
  5. Typhlosion4

    anyone have a gf yet?

    Yeah for 4 years :eeveehide:
  6. Typhlosion4

    Announcement Eau Revoir

    Feeling the same way you do. Best of luck my friend.
  7. Typhlosion4

    Smogoff starter pack

    Yo I need y’all to slide me the starter pack on the low.
  8. Typhlosion4

    Social Words that describe yourself

    Hope it gets better soon brother
  9. Typhlosion4

    lol that’s impossible I think the profile has too much post

    lol that’s impossible I think the profile has too much post
  10. Typhlosion4

    Still deciding if I should lol I hate the extra e

    Still deciding if I should lol I hate the extra e
  11. Typhlosion4

    Lifestyle The Mental Wellness Thread

    Keep thinking positive like your are currently doing. Slowly but surely you will overcome that trauma. Best of luck bro.
  12. Typhlosion4

    Post your searing hot takes

    Nah fs milk definitely nasty af. Almond milk >>>>
  13. Typhlosion4

    Social Words that describe yourself

    In this thread pick 3 words that best describe yourself or what you stand for. You can only use 3 so choose wisely :sphearical:.
  14. Typhlosion4

    only post in this thread if ur at work

    I’m off am I breaking the rules ?
  15. Typhlosion4

    Post your searing hot takes

    Couldn’t have said it any better cheese cake lovers should be banned from the site.
  16. Typhlosion4

    What is your opinion?

    My opinion is that….thanks for listening
  17. Typhlosion4

    Post your searing hot takes

    Cheese cake is garbage
  18. Typhlosion4

    Social Quotes thread

    Very lovable character
  19. Typhlosion4

    Media Attack on Titan (final season coming!)

    I agree the manga ending was bad hopefully there is something extra to the anime version.
  20. Typhlosion4

    Lifestyle Self-improvement thread

    Thanks for the post and it’s never easy to share your weaknesses. I’m also glad you were able to make progress on keeping your anger in check and yeah you are right we are all a product of our environment despite that we can change as you proved. Good luck in all you do.