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  1. jc104

    OU Tangrowth

    You should add "After Stealth Rock damage". 0 SpA Tangrowth Leaf Storm vs. 0 HP / 0 SpD Manaphy: 306-360 (89.7 - 105.5%) -- 37.5% chance to OHKO.
  2. jc104

    OU Pheromosa

    Ice Beam is a marginal OHKO against offensive Zygarde, if you needed an example. Also TankChomp, although you're right that it's likely to switch. Also, are the special-based versions of the sets really only OO-worthy? High Jump Kick is just such a frustrating move to have to rely on. I feel...
  3. jc104

    OU Thundurus-T

    Doesn't Thundurus have, you know, resistances? And Speed? If I had to guess I'd say it's probably a lot better than Xurkitree, although Xurkitree is pretty bad so that's not saying much.
  4. jc104

    OU Minior

    Defensive Landorus-T +2 88 SpA Minior-Down Power Gem vs. 248 HP / 8 SpD Landorus-Therian: 225-265 (59 - 69.5%) -- guaranteed 2HKO +1 252+ Atk Minior-Down Acrobatics (110 BP) vs. 248 HP / 244+ Def Landorus-Therian: 192-226 (50.3 - 59.3%) -- guaranteed 2HKO That's a pretty marginal increase, and...
  5. jc104

    OU Minior

    I think it is probably worth running the 168 Speed EVs to outrun Tapu Koko with shields up at +2. It's very, very common at the moment, and goes from being a hard counter to completely losing. Beyond that you have to go a fair way before finding anything else on GMars's very helpful list. edit...
  6. jc104


    I feel like this overview is rather missing the point. You don't use Pinsir as a check to Fighting, Grass and Bug type pokemon; you use Pinsir to sweep the opponent's team. Also, it's not "easily walled by many threats". Pinsir is barely walled by anything at all. Yes, there are a fair few...
  7. jc104

    OU Xurkitree

    Can I suggest HP Water as a possibility? It's similar to HP Ground in that it hits A-Marowak and Excadrill, but it also hits Landorus super-effectively. This even opens up the possibility of two-move coverage with Z-Hypnosis and Tail Glow, or possibly allows running Dazzling Gleam to hit dragons...
  8. jc104

    Data Pokemon Sun/Moon Battle Mechanics Research

    Does Gravity prevent the user of Supersonic Skystrike? Does Gravity prevent the use of Supersonic Skystrike when called by a move that gravity would normally block (this is the case on Pokemon Showdown)?
  9. jc104

    Pokémon Pheromosa

    Forgive me but why would you ever run 248 speed on anything? Surely you might as well add the last 4 EVs on? The 4 Atk/SpA can't really do anything that significant just by the nature of damage roll variation. Still, I think using HP ground looks like an excellent idea, and I'm certainly going...
  10. jc104

    Pokémon Alolan Raichu

    Yes, it was special. But I think special is just better really, never mind the item. You need the coverage. Ground types tend to be physically based, and running a physical set makes it even harder to hit them. And don't get me wrong, Raichu definitely has its place.
  11. jc104

    Pokémon Xurkitree

    Generally, if its defences are also crap, it's not good. I'm struggling to think of any exceptions really. That said, Xurkitree is not that bad. At +1 Spe, it's quite fast. Probably not enough to run through most teams, but still. Z-Hypnosis is absolutely ridiculous. Quite a lot of teams seem...
  12. jc104

    Pokémon Alolan Raichu

    I was quite excited about this thing from everything I'd been hearing, but I must say that in my hands Raichu was quite underwhelming. Specifically, I was trying out the rain version of the set. It was fairly strong when I had both rain and electric terrain set up, but actually doing that...
  13. jc104

    Pokémon Wishiwashi

    I highly doubt that Situs Berry is the best item for this pokemon. Actually, if I'm understanding it right the downside of Wishiwashi's ability is barely even relevant. A pokemon with Base 30 speed and < 25% HP at the end of the turn is basically dead anyway no matter what. So with normal...
  14. jc104

    Pheromosa Discussion

    I'm thinking of pairing this thing with Dugtrio. A powerful U-Turn to Dugtrio is just generally amazing. The prior damage and its buffed attack might mean that it can actually remove Aegislash and Toxapex. As if Pheromosa needed anything else to tip it over the edge...
  15. jc104

    Kartana Discussion

    I don't think comparing this to Mega Lucario is entirely fair, as Mega Lucario is pretty absurdly strong. But it's also an awful lot stronger than Kartana. To give you an idea, Kartana is slightly weaker than OU staple Terrakion, after move base power is taken into account. 252 Atk Kartana...
  16. jc104

    Other Pokemon: Smogon Version OU [Route 4]

    Even if it might not make sense as a long term strategy (some care would be required for it not to, even if the game ends at lv. 100), people are still going to steamroll the early portion of the game with an overlevelled team. Would you say this constitutes an enjoyable experience? There is no...
  17. jc104

    Other Pokemon: Smogon Version OU [Route 4]

    Not sure if this is the time to discuss this, but I really think some kind of level cap is required for this game to work properly (e.g increasing with each gym). It's well known that by far the easiest way to complete a pokemon game is to use only 1-2 pokemon such that they are totally...
  18. jc104

    XY OU Suspect Process, Round 3 - BATON PASS [READ POST #590]

    Is this going to be a simple vote where everyone picks only one option, or will voters be asked to rank the options? I've noticed people talking about tactical voting in the thread already. Hope I don't need to explain why that's a bad thing! It seems to me that both of the two options would...
  19. jc104

    OU Umbreon

    Not sure how this got through 2 grammar checks; it sounds really odd. Probably just need to take the word "sheer" out.
  20. jc104

    Baton Pass - its role in the metagame and possible solutions to nerf full Baton Pass chains

    I don't think many people are complaining because they think Baton Pass is impossible to counter. I see a few people claiming that baton pass is broken because it beats stall teams or offensive teams or whatever. Baton Pass is not countered by teams. Baton Pass is countered by individual...