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  1. MurderousMantyke

    SV OU Chi-Yu at home : Specs Moth + Band Baxcalibur Balance (PEAKED 1851 #70)

    Bouncing off the previous Valiant point, I feel like a mixed CC + Moonblast set could work since you keep your best Stab moves and scarf/booster set isn't a breaker anyways.
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    what's stopping you?

    My innate resistance to change.
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    STAB STABmons

    Sun doesn't actually boost Body Press, as Protosynthesis is a stat modifier and not a formal stat boost (such as Iron Defense). The only modifier that can boost press is Choice Band, as weird as it sounds, along with similar Attack stat modifiers that aren't stat changes like Huge Power.
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    Im taking the biggest test of my life on TBD

    Mate you're just gonna say that with no details?
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    STAB STABmons

    The main thing about denying Belly Drum Azu is not giving it a chance to set up. You know that if you faint their pokemon then they can bring in their Azu, so try not to KO opposing pokemon with mons that allow Azu easy setup (especially true for Choice Item users or something like Weavile that...
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    HEY That's my job.

    HEY That's my job.
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    Beer, wine, hard alcohol, or mixed drinks?

    Ginger ale and root beer are peak
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    Project SV CAP - Victim of the Week - Week 8: Colossoil

    This is reliant on both Wake having its tera available and using it, as well as remaining relatively quite healthy; seems reasonable to count as a check in this case due to how most games won't go that direction. Voting for Valiant + Clodsire.
  9. MurderousMantyke

    BP's Dilemma

    And people think the Trolley problem is a difficult moral dilemma
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    Get an alt called 'Thinkaton'

    Get an alt called 'Thinkaton'
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    Smogoff starter pack

    ohh you meant
  12. MurderousMantyke

    Smogoff starter pack

  13. MurderousMantyke

    SV OU Maushold Magnezone Meowscarada MVolt-Turn (Peak 1950 #23)

    The random Magnus Carlsen reference for Zone makes this absolutely peak. The team is surprisingly very well thought-out, amazing job making Maus shine.
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    Social Words that describe yourself

    Profile picture irony
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    Smog Awards 2022: Results

    Not much point making another category Sulo is guaranteed to win
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    Social Words that describe yourself

    Permanently unreasonably hungry
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    Project SV CAP - Victim of the Week - Week 8: Colossoil

    Personally I don't completely understand how this set is a counter to Wake when you are nearly one-tapped by Draco Meteor on the swap (with Rocks simply removing you entirely). A counter, by definition has to reliably swap in and win 1v1 which I just don't see this set doing. A specially...
  18. MurderousMantyke

    UTTTT LETS GO :smogonbird: :smogonbird: :smogonbird:

    UTTTT LETS GO :smogonbird: :smogonbird: :smogonbird:
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    Only post in this thread if youre wasted

    I'm wasting my life playing pokemon...