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  1. Gamer1234556

    OU Discussing deoxys defense for ou

    Apologies for the rather condescending (and now deleted) post I made earlier. For compensation, I will make a post that is at least a bit more sensitive and that actually has more effort put into it (and hopefully this one doesn’t get taken down). Honestly, I feel like a general question that...
  2. Gamer1234556

    Resource BW Simple Questions, Simple Answers Thread

    Why is this even allowed in the Q&A section? Finch edit: I told him explicitly to post elsewhere, but he didn’t listen and by the time I got online numerous people had posted about it so now it’s kinda whatever:blobshrug:
  3. Gamer1234556

    OU BW OU Hub

    Ok, but if we follow that logic, wouldn't Latios + Alakazam technically be insufficient against Rain as well? Latios is an even worse switch-in for Specs Keldeo and doesn't enjoy taking burns + hazard chip if it's not running Recover.
  4. Gamer1234556

    OU BW OU Hub

    Wdym? Amoonguss is pretty much your pivot against water attacks like Scald/Keld/Thundy-T (granted, it doesn't enjoy burns but lets be honest, it's kind of hard to find a good Scald absorber that can also handle Keldeo and Thundurus-T consistently besides Celebi) and it's not like anything on...
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    OU BW OU Hub

    Bronzong Sand :tyranitar::skarmory::excadrill::amoonguss::bronzong::alakazam: Bronzong was a pokemon that ultimately fell into obscurity after 2018. Between its middling stats and propensity of being set-up fodder, it was a mon that was ultimately passed over for a long time. The rise of HO...
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    OU BW OU Viability Ranking, mk. 4

    I can't wait till Hydreigon finds itself in the no man's land of D tier.
  7. Gamer1234556

    OU BW OU Viability Ranking, mk. 4

    Can someone elaborate on how Bronzong managed to rise from the ashes of unranked?
  8. Gamer1234556

    Gen 4 Normal gym team

    This is for competitive teams, for in-game teams, I think you might want to post in the Orange Islands.
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    Gen 2 An OU team. Question do you require spicks because it not on this.

    Earthquake and Fighting-type attacks exist. As for the team itself, I personally believe that Blissey kind of has some rather awkward synergy here. Since this team isn't necessarily Stall-oriented it just sticks out like a sore thumb. If you are worried about Zapdos that much, you already have...
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    Gen 7 Rate My Team- Generation 7 OU (Stall)

    There is a whole ass section called "Other Pokemon with Strategies" in the Smogon Dex.
  11. Gamer1234556

    Resource RBY Simple Question, Simple Answer Thread

    Wait, is sleep banned in RBY as a whole? Or was it just UU?
  12. Gamer1234556

    BW OU Good Cores

    :heatran::terrakion: This is a fairly iconic pairing to any old-school BW player, but newer players may be a bit perplexed due to the two having overlapping weaknesses to dangerous threats such as Latios. Back then, Slowbro used to be far more popular than Slowking it is now due to its ability...
  13. Gamer1234556

    OU BW OU Hub

    Also, is it me or has Terrakion suddenly got a lot better with the Gem ban? I know that Terrakion has kind of taken a bit of a decline in popularity in the past few tournaments but its usage in the recent BW PL has been its highest yet in the current meta.
  14. Gamer1234556

    OU BW OU Hub

    :amoonguss: Amoonguss @ Black Sludge Level: 100 Bold Nature Ability: Regenerator EVs: 252 HP / 252 Def / 4 SpD IVs: 30 Atk / 30 Def - Stun Spore - Giga Drain - Hidden Power Ice / Hidden Power Fire - Sunny Day Speaking of Thundurus-T, I realized that for weatherless balance teams, this can...
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    OU BW OU Hub

    :amoonguss: Amoonguss (M) @ Black Sludge Ability: Regenerator EVs: 252 HP / 252 Def / 4 SpD Bold Nature IVs: 2 Atk / 30 SpA / 30 Spe - Stun Spore - Giga Drain - Hidden Power [Fire] / Hidden Power [Ice] - Clear Smog One of Amoonguss' problems is that it is often set up fodder for...
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    GSC In-Game Tier List Mark V

    Hey, I was just wondering, is there a reason why the Kanto region and Red Matchups are excluded?
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    BW OU Good Cores

    :amoonguss::gliscor: :amoonguss::garchomp: :amoonguss::landorus-therian: :amoonguss::excadrill: :amoonguss::mamoswine: Amoonguss undoubtedly fell hard ever since the Sleep ban. Ever since the SPL XI, Amoonguss had been slowly but surely overshadowed by Celebi, who fulfilled Amoonguss's role as...
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    BW OU Good Cores

    :abomasnow::alakazam: Alakazam is one of the most threatening Pokemon in the tier with its amazing speed tier and endless coverage, but it also really wants a fair amount of support to break through Steels. While Skarmory, Jirachi and Scizor don't enjoy taking numerous Focus Blasts, the move's...
  19. Gamer1234556

    OU BW OU Victim of the Week: Week 9 - Alakazam | Submissions Phase

    :skarmory: Skarmory @ Leftovers Ability: Sturdy EVs: 252 HP / 252 SpD / 4 Def Careful Nature - Roost - Spikes - Whirlwind - Brave Bird / Secret Power While most checks to Alakazam tend to be offensive ones (namely Tyranitar and Scizor), this is arguably one of the most resilient defensive ones...