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  1. Neverused Tier Teambats

    I'll definately try this out. When are they normaly done?
  2. np: NU Stage 0 - For What It's Worth

    I've seen a few, Quagsire deals with most of them.
  3. Attack of the Pranksters

    Excellent Warstory. Funny comments, interesting team you played, and overall a great game. 10/10
  4. Emboar Discussion

    I ran this set a while ago, not sure how it would do in the current meta but its worth a shot - Emboar @ Leftovers Adamant Nature 252 Att/ 252 Hp -Substitute -Flare Blitz -Wild Charge -Superpower I figured an Emboar would cause many switches, so I slapped Sub on hoim and this is what I got...
  5. itt: Entry Hazards (NU version)

    You seem to have forgotten DualSpikes Garbordor.
  6. Super Frog VS... British Bat?

    Yery good warstory, in spite of the haxy protects. Either way though, you would have revenged killed Latios with Terrakion or sacked everything but Yosei until it died via Toxic, so I give you a 8.9/10
  7. Fishing day and my slug just baited a whale

    Great plays and interesting team, but the game was very one-sided. 7/10
  8. Two Moles One Blob

    I think this is a great first warstory. One thing is you 0should have put the health percentages below the pokemon in-between turns. If you dont know what I mean, go to the Warstory Archives and read one. Overall, I give you a 7/10
  9. NU CCAT Step 4: Playtesting

    Most of the people I have played against dont run Stealth Rock for some odd reason. Maybe im just not high enough on the ladder :P Then there must be a glitch in PO, because I have used it without the message saying its ability is unreleased and have a few replays of it doing work.
  10. Newton's Law of Conservation of Momentum

    Great battle, entertaining commentary, and overall great warstory. I will go as far to give you a 10/10. Great work.
  11. Run Brothers, your path is as joyful as a hero to victory!

    Great match Shrang. That comeback was epic and great comments. I give you a 9/10
  12. Sandslash

    Once Sand Rush is released, I dont think it will take Excadrill's place, but it definately will be viable. As said above, a Jolly nature is a must, which sucks because he need all the power he can get.
  13. NU CCAT Step 4: Playtesting

    I have two unorthadox sets myself. Ninjask @ Choice Band 252 Att/ 252 Speed/ 4 HP Adamant Nature Speed Boost -X-Scissor -U-turn -Aerial Ace -Return/Metal Claw This Guy is a beast. He is a great Late-Game Sweeper, U-turn Lead, Scout, and Revenge Killer. One of the best things about Ninjask...
  14. The WALLS thread!

    Oh my god. This thing has annoyed me in RU and NU more than Sableye did.
  15. Project Mono-Type: Psychic

    I agree. I have always loved Medicham. Also, Scarfmie should be mentioned because of the incredible coverage of BoltBeam + Hydro Pump. Also, Trick Room could be a great strategy. We all know how much work TR Reuniclus does, plus you have Slowbro, Metagross, Celebii, Jirachi, and, to a lesser...
  16. Swanna

    Throw Hydration/Rest on the Less-than-a-wall set
  17. The WALLS thread!

    Seriously, No Chansey? It basically does exactly what Blassey does, but with better Physical Defense. The only bad thing is the lack of lefties.
  18. np: RU Stage 3 - Like a Boss

    In this round of RU, I dont think anything really deserves to be banned. I think we have a perfect RU.
  19. Team Rocket Steals a Legendary Pokemon! [Themed Warstory]

    Though your opponet was horrible and you had some really lucky hax against Rayquaza, I fiund myself actually laughing out loud over this. I give your warstory a 6.5/10
  20. Usable (and Good) NFE (both non- and with Eviolite) Pokemon in RU

    Nosepass could be viable, even though Rock is a terrible defensive type