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  1. Project Mono-Type: Psychic

    deoxy-s can run rockslide to ohko volcorona
  2. Keldeo [available from June 23rd to August 31st]

    physically defensive celibi would be better. same stats but resists both stabs
  3. OU CCAT: Nidoking Edition

    they both have a weakness to psychic and ice. a supporting bronzong 4x resists psychic and 2x ice. slowbro and king would also do well from a point of synergy. i will go into specific sets later.
  4. The WALLS thread!

    dusclops cresselia both mixed suicine physical
  5. Rampardos

    I find banette is a good partner for rampardos using focus sash trickroom destiny bond filler filler.
  6. Anti Weather Pokemon

    I find that using kingdra with dd outrage waterfall and hail counters most weather by either beating it or turning it off. especially against rain as a last move before it dies.
  7. Creative (and good) Movesets (READ THE OP FIRST)

    On the above set an extra coverage move can be added over protect as iron head can "flinch" it's own protect. (only if your faster). Also if used in the rain thunder or water pulse could be used, both work with serene grace but they would maybe take away the whole point of the set, just my 2...