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  1. Er Filethe

    Official ORAS OU Suspect Process, Round 2, Voting

    Metagrossite: Ban
  2. Er Filethe

    ORAS OU Suspect Process, Round 2 - Voter Identification Thread

    Confirming as DieFirstWinLater
  3. Er Filethe

    Who's Who in Doubles

    Change cress ev spread to 252 HP / 52 Def / 4 SAtk/ 124 SDef / 76 Spd is for more resist some special attacks like dark pulse of hydreigon and you gain some speed Chople Berry in T-Tar to Focus Sash for resits CC of Hitmontops or other figthigns pokemons with figthing gem because with chople...
  4. Er Filethe

    Perish Thread

    You only need one trapper and one pokemon with perish song You can make a rain team with politoed,kingdra,gothitelle,hitmontop...
  5. Er Filethe

    My first RMT: Trick Room

    Put Focus Sash in Abomasnow and run Chople Berry in Scrafty Finally change 252/252/4 to a better ev spread in some pokes
  6. Er Filethe

    Apprentice Program: Round Seventy Five

    Username: Er Filethe Age: 14 Pokemon Online/Pokemon Showdown/Shoddy Username: Er Filethe Your timezone and usual hours of availability: GMT +1 12 pm-21 pm What tier do you want to learn?: BW2 OU Tell us a little about yourself: My name is Rafael and I play Pokémon since i have 5 years. I'm...
  7. Er Filethe

    VGC 2013 Trick Room

    Is a nice team and i can only suggest one thing metagross bander
  8. Er Filethe

    A different approach at the VGCs

    Improve more the evs of thundurus and gastrodon Thundurus with electric gem is better than focus sash The final move for thundurus can be subtitute or hp ice Put protect in chandelure over dark pulse and in virision over hp fire I think that put recover in gastrodon is a good change Stone edge...
  9. Er Filethe

    My first competitive team

    T-tar is better than hippowdon Change Landorus to Landorus-T The best items for Landorus-T are yache berry or choice scarf Change SW to protect or superpower this depend of the item Rock Slide over Stone Edge Test fire gem in rotom-h and change discharge to thunderbolt Change hp psychic to...
  10. Er Filethe

    Team for the June Internationals

    Put protect in every pokemon Exeggutor is better with sitrus berry Snorlax out cress is better Put heatran in your team with sun and the levitation of cress is a beast You need a intimidate user and fake outer test scrafty over conkeldurr
  11. Er Filethe

    The Quiet and the Brave : Competitive TR

    Replace Eruption to Heat Wave in Heatran and chage the nature to Modest Heatran with Shuca only work with a good ev spread and this is a personal advice You can switch Hp Grass for WoW in Rotom and put Subtitute in Heatran or only change HP Grass in Heatran for Subtitute
  12. Er Filethe

    A Sandy Attempt at the VGCs

    Changes this moves of T-tar Aqua Tail to Rock Slide, Superpower to Low Lick and Sand Storm to Protect T-tar is better with focus shash if you keep it Flying Gem in Gliscor The best hability for gastrodon in VGC is Storm Drain for absorb water attacks You can put recover in gastrodon Change...
  13. Er Filethe

    First Attempt at VCG

    Change ferrothorn evs and nature and leftovers>chesto berry The moveste is protect,lech seed,gyro ball power whipe Change Dragon Pulse to Draco Meteor and Surf to Protect Chandelure put protect over subtitute,energyball>pain split and finally heat wave>fire blast Change facade in gliscor to...