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  1. Percussionist

    Pokémon Greninja

    You are correct, I did forget Life Orb on Breloom. The bad thing about that situation is if Greninja were to be in a state of neutral typing against priority, he has a way of appropriately dealing with most priority mons (Hydro Pump-Infernape, HP Fire-Scizor, Luke Breloom). In effect, you'd have...
  2. Percussionist

    Pokémon Greninja

    I believe this was mentioned previously in this thread, but Ice Beam is a terribly scary move for Protean Greninja to use. While offering great coverage, and being one of few moves with significant power, it leaves him as an Ice type on the switch. This leads Greninja to being easily revenged...
  3. Percussionist

    Sticky Have a question? Ask it here! (NOT SM QUESTIONS)

    What are some good Synchronizers in XY? I'm not sure I've encountered any in-game.
  4. Percussionist

    Move Misty/Electric/Grassy Terrain

    These moves remind me of the pledges from last gen. Interesting, but not very useful in practice. If the effects were permanent once activated, I could see them being useful, but as they are, it really doesn't seem worth the moveslot.
  5. Percussionist

    Other 6th Gen Pokemon OU Candidate Speculation Thread

    Another problem with Greninja is it's stats are just shy of being where they need to be. It's fast, but frail, and it's offenses aren't anything to write home about. It does, however, get a movepool full of interesting status moves, which is somewhat uncommon for water types. But in practice...
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    Generation 6 IV Calculator

    Wow, this works great! Thanks for the hard work MetalKid!
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    Team Fortress 2 - Join us at #lol

    My main is Demoman, but I've also been playing a lot of Soldier and Sniper lately. I've found that Demoman is the most versatile class for me, as he possesses the correct balance of speed, power, and range. Close combat is kind of a bitch, but his melee is powerful, and if your aim is good...
  8. Percussionist

    Animal Crossing: New Leaf

    Every time I've gone to visit the Nooklings, they've only had the net and the shovel for sale. Am I just unlucky, or do I have to do something specific to trigger the inventory swap?
  9. Percussionist

    Team Fortress 2 - Join us at #lol

    Maybe a little late to the party, but does anyone still play this regularly? Is there a Smogon server maybe?
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    On Bans

    I feel like the simplest route is that, if a Pokemon is considered to strong under any circumstances, then it, in it's entirety, should be banned. Even if it's just one component of the Pokemon. Other wise, you end up with nerfed mons filtering into the lower tiers.
  11. Percussionist

    On Bans

    ^This is why we can't use DrizzleToed and SwSw Luvdisc together, even though Luvdisc is the poster "weak" Pokemon. I feel like SwSw Luvdisc would not terrorize the metagame, but our other option is banning Kingdra, Kabutops, Ludicolo, etc. through individual testing.
  12. Percussionist

    On Bans

    I think the problem with this gen is the mentality of "my team is weak to it therefore it should be banned". Obviously team building is a lot harder in a gen with this many threats, but the players have to adapt to the metagame. Banning Darkrai, Mewtwo, Kyogre, etc. I think everybody can agree...
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    Sorry man, my Wi-Fi went down, and so did my shop.

    Sorry man, my Wi-Fi went down, and so did my shop.
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    What other options does Kyurem have? He's running a pure special set, so Scarf Glaciate?
  15. Percussionist

    (MC) Middle Cup Tier

    Does Knock Off only last until they switch out, or for the whole match?
  16. Percussionist

    (MC) Middle Cup Tier

    Palpitoed is crying in a corner.
  17. Percussionist

    (MC) Middle Cup Tier

    Yes, they're the same thing.
  18. Percussionist

    Wanna battle MC?

    Wanna battle MC?
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    Steelix was okay UU last Gen, but things aren't looking too good for it now. Shame, I always loved Steelix, but he just seems so outclassed.
  20. Percussionist

    (MC) Middle Cup Tier

    I'm not going that far. MC doesn't need to be an official tier. If we raise popularity and get enough people playing it, then we can work on getting an official tier. As it is now, I haven't played a single match because I can't find anybody to battle with.