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  1. Mass Effect 3

    I'm curious as to how you came to those conclusions Temperantia ?_? Az: okay
  2. Mass Effect 3

    Yeah okay, I agree that the relay destruction fucks pretty much everything up
  3. Mass Effect 3

    (edit: in reply to More Cowbell, ninja'd by Synre) It's more like "you make many choices during the game, you make one final choice in the end which isn't linked to your previous choices in any way, and you don't see how your previous choices turn out". They aren't "nullified", but there...
  4. Mass Effect 3

    Yet I feel like refusing to play the game, or worse, the series, solely because of the ending would be a shame... I mean, like Hip said, and like you can see by looking at BioWare's forum (which Synre linked, but here's a more relevant thread I guess...
  5. Mass Effect 3

    "ugh I hated the hand-holding and linearity in this game! Luckily I can always go back to Modern Warfare"
  6. Mass Effect 3

    I like the irony of vF saying he can play Heavy Rain to forget ME3's bad ending
  7. Mass Effect 3

    Just to clarify, I'm not saying the story is coherent or well-written. I'm saying that regardless of whether it is or not, it still induces specific feelings and reactions, on the moment when you first discover it, and that should not be changed because it is the authors' vision, no matter how...
  8. Mass Effect 3

    i will get into potential spoilers at some point so i'll just hide the whole post; i will avoid details, but read at your own risk I guess I understand why some people aren't happy with the ending. By "not happy", I mean, "actively not happy" as in "actually signing a petition to have it...
  9. Japanese games suck ?

    I would like to see Smogon's opinion on that. I mean, just that line. Do you know who Phil Fish is? Have you heard of that film? Whether you know what this is about please feel free to react to the statement. THEN, if you feel like it, you can read more about the event here...
  10. Gotta Cats them all!

    oh, my cat is a Korat as well. I'll post pics asap (I want to record a video of when he catches a plastic mouse and brings it to me so that I can throw it again)
  11. Social The Smogon Photo Album

    hahaha Lee here's my demonic cat also DM, if you upload this to the album, please remove the captions on my page, just photos is o.k. thanks
  12. [Expert] SANDSEMONIUM - Postgame Up! Winners: MEDS and MUDS

    harsh words incoming First of all, I apologize to my team because I think the summary of my performance in the postgame is largely embellished. I utterly failed to grasp the logic behind the game (more on that later) and as I told Yeti on IRC I don't think I've ever played that badly except...
  13. I seriously think that modern fashion designers are trolls (NSFW)

    Agreeing with MrIndigo and Glen (except it isn't really 'body as canvas', because that would imply the body is an inanimate object whose sole purpose is to be painted, while fashion incorporates the meaning and implication of the model being a living man or woman... I guess one could say that...
  14. 2012 academy awards

    A Separation mostly shines thanks to its prodigious acting though. It's an excellent film, don't get me wrong, very subtle and moving; what I'm saying I guess is that it's a shame foreign films get their own category instead of being more present in all the 'normal' ones (The Artist is a...
  15. 2012 academy awards

    I agree, the nominations are a joke and Drive should win best picture and best director at the very least :| As it is, I'm rooting for Tree of Life and Clooney for best actor. I do not get why The Artist gets so many awards, it left me totally unimpressed...
  16. The Desktop Thread

    This is my current work PC (the only one I have), presented with no modifications and no context:
  17. Ununited for the sake of moles

    TBH I don't get why moling is such an important element still. To me it feels like people are going "well, this is mafia, we can't really have everyone united from the start" but the thing is, games on smogon are not mafia, and this has been said countless times, but no one seems to be acting...
  18. [Expert] SANDSEMONIUM - Postgame Up! Winners: MEDS and MUDS

    BAM THE HYPER VIDEO OF THE MAGIC 7 FUSION POKEMON OF ULTIMATE DOOM (what, we're in another game, you say @_@) vote p3
  19. A 1k in Two Acts, (Now with really big dumb video)

    Man I don't usually post in xks but, you're good, js :) Also happy 1k I imagine Also you have an excellent avatar.