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  1. The Well #33 - ◠‿◠

    how iconic are you?
  2. The Hunger Games (spoilers itt)

    where were the avox's i did't see them in the movie but i saw them in the credits
  3. Mass Effect 3

  4. Nintendo 3DS Discussion Thread

    does anybody else want earthbound on the eshop really badly?
  5. origin of usernames

    first i liked dragonite and large numbers now i like delibird and the first number starting with o
  6. first world problems

    when im too lazy to switch pokemon even though i have a 4x weakness
  7. Poképeople

    i begin my pokemon adventure
  8. Official Pizza Topping Tier List

    i do like meatballs on my pizza with extra cheese meatball Echeese all the way to S tier
  9. The Rage of Wikipedia Scholars itt

    whats a book? it is kind of funny that all these people freaked out though
  10. iOS Titles worth sharing

    Jet pack joyride is a good free game
  11. iOS Titles worth sharing

    i like whale trail better
  12. What is the Best Type?

    i like misingno type
  13. Life is now complete (DBZ)

    this post probably took forever to write and reread
  14. The Elder Scrolls V: Skyri- FUS RO DAH

    i was at the college with my stolen horse and at the bridge we fell off the bridge and when we hit the ground the horse broke my fall and he died and i didn't i just got the game and i chose breton im planning on putting on heavy armor and having magic in one hand and a sword of some sort in...
  15. Those little things we don't talk about...

    When you are watching a movie at the movie theater and it's really loud and you have to fart but the second you fart the movie gets really quiet and everybody hears it and everybody knows it was you
  16. where is the po user infos thread

    I like shorts!They're comfy and easy to wear! Don't you like shorts?
  17. Find out your favorite pokemon!

    Delibird is now and forevermy favorite Pokemon Got lazy and decided to only do the RSE 1DELIBIrd 2caterpie 3muk 4charzar 5blaziken 6kyogre 7raikou 8bayleaf 9 mew 10 dragonite Fuck you dragonite you're nothing to delibirds fearsome ice punch