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  1. ITT we poorly describe popular movie plots and other people try to guess them

    Princess Bride? passengers of a plane mysteriously die until man with a drinking problem lands it guy almost gets killed by computer and then eventually turns into a fetus
  2. I'm currently trapped in a car with a cat

    it seems too late to attempt an escape now gen. your best bet is to start acting like the cat. strip down and start cleaning yourself, and pray that it will fall for it
  3. Magic the Gathering Tournament I: Group Stages

    won 2-1 against temperentia also i'll be on irc most of tonight and tomorrow for you guys that i haven't played yet
  4. Magic: The Gathering

    people will likely be playing sleight of hand or serum visions to replace the old cantrips
  5. Magic: The Gathering

    i think the modern bans might have been a little excessive (and they didn't even unban anything...), but otherwise i like the new changes for legacy and edh also i have no idea what's up with banning things in extended, i can't imagine it not being replaced by modern...
  6. doodles

    man vader i knew there would be a monster truck and a gun somewhere in there but not combined
  7. Magic the Gathering Tournament I: Group Stages

    won 2-1 vs MrEsc
  8. Board Games: The Movie

    (p.s. johann, read my post and then your link)
  9. Board Games: The Movie

    how about a movie based on clue tim curry would be the butler and doc brown from back to the future would be professor plum. that would be awesome.
  10. Magic: The Gathering

    online, using cockatrice.
  11. Twin Long Rods

    dammit rescue rabbit is SO FUCKING CUTE (and scary when someone plays it against you)
  12. Yu-Gi-Oh discussion

    xyz materials are not considered "on the field" due to the now official ruling
  13. Jungian Personality Test

    i get ENTJ every time i take this and i think that's basically correct. i'm too lazy to take it again and see if it's the same because i'm pretty sure it is
  14. best way to eat steak

    i'd eat that horn medium rare IF YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN
  15. Magic: The Gathering

    did you count me as signing up or not? i'd like to play but if you already set up groups or whatever that's fine
  16. Magic: The Gathering

    modern please. the fact that it's a young format means everyone will hopefully be creative and have fun rather than play whatever stupid decks turn out to be the best
  17. what the fuck is with the millions of licking avatars

    well vader at least you have something new to try in the avatar thread
  18. [ℬlḠ] Mafia Mafia 2 [Won by The Mafia]

    GOON SQUAD (i'm lazier than lightwolf)
  19. Yu-Gi-Oh discussion

    the tcg list was announced (it's the same as the ocg with trishula added)