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  1. Sondero

    Smog Awards 2019: Results

    Are we cursed to have Best and Worst name change be the same person each year now? I feel like this happened last year as well
  2. Sondero

     Picture Telephone Megathread

    I can't believe Banette managed to sleep through all that
  3. Sondero

     Picture Telephone Megathread

    If it's not too late, let me in on this, please
  4. Sondero

    Unpopular opinions

    When it comes to megas, it made a lot more sense to give Pidgeot one than Fearow. Pidgeot is both more popular and less strong, so it made sense to buff it as they did. It'd be quite redundant if they gave a mega to another gen 1 early route flying type. At the time, it also wouldn't really help...
  5. Sondero

    Unpopular opinions

    Seeing as how there's talk in the little things that annoy you thread about Super Mystery Dungeon's "out for lunch" feature, I figure this is quite an unpopular opinion. I honestly love that feature, while it may feel a bit annoying from a gameplay standpoint, even if it encourages...
  6. Sondero

    Unpopular opinions

    While the Dragon type seems like it was just good because some good Pokemon just happened to be dragon type, I think the fact that they were dragon type is a huge reason as to why they were good. In competitive Pokemon, a good sweeper doesn't necessarily care about what types it's super...
  7. Sondero

     Picture Telephone Megathread

    I'm in!
  8. Sondero

    Battle Frontier Round 1 (deadline Sun 7)

    Eisen beat me 2-1, and the game I won was like a badminton game where I served while they were knitting their shoelaces Replays: game 1 - 4NGG-WWWW-WWX5-2A58 (Sondero) game 2 - NBVG-WWWW-WWX5-2A4N (Eisen) game 3 - MM9W-WWWW-WWX5-2A4J (Eisen)
  9. Sondero

    (Little) Things that annoy you in Pokémon

    Yup, in the case of Budew, it's just way easier to pick up a Roselia later on. When I last tried to use Roserade in Pt, I raised a Budew and it still hadn't evolved by the time I reached an area where Roselia could be caught.
  10. Sondero

    Format Discussion Pokemon Sun/Moon Random Battle sets

    There are specific Pokemon that take quite a bit of damage from Hidden Power Electric, while taking very little, if not no damage from any of Keldeo's STAB's, like Gyarados, Mantine or Jellicent. I do think making Secret Sword a mandatory move on Keldeo could be nice, if that's something that...
  11. Sondero

    Battle Frontier Tournament (sign ups)

    I told myself I'd quit Pokemon, but for old times' sake, I'll gladly join this tournament. FC: 4167-5814-2557 IGN: Sondre Edit: do we say what region we're gonna use in this post, or is it just something we have to make sure we do in teambuilding? Edit 2: Unova Represent!
  12. Sondero

    Unpopular opinions

    No, I mean, the no resistances and Super effectiveness with normal is something that makes it very unique and I like that. Making it work like just any other type by giving it another weakness and a resistance just makes it more generic in my opinion.
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    Wait, what shinies?

    Wait, what shinies?
  14. Sondero

    Auresi's Art

    You're back with more eye candy? :psyglad:
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    Shiny Pokemon Experiences

    Spending 3000+ hours in gen 6 breeding, training and soft resetting, I've been bound to run into many shinies when I've played. However, even before that, I've always had quite little interest in shinies. Once I found out what IVs were and how that worked, I was more interested in getting...
  16. Sondero

    (Little) Things that annoy you in Pokémon

    Or they could just do like they do with Hyper Training, make it so the nature remains unchangeable and decides which stats get boosted and lowered as the Pokemon is caught, but then give you some feature that allows you to change the nature boost to act like whichever nature, without changing...
  17. Sondero

    Shed no tears for the absence, cheer for the time we had

    Shed no tears for the absence, cheer for the time we had
  18. Sondero

    (Little) Things that annoy you in Pokémon

    How the hell did something like Mr. Bonding pass through the concept stage in X/Y? Like did none of the developers ever think "Hmm, maybe it's not a good idea to center a mechanic, in a game where you play as a 10-14 year old kid, around meeting up with a strange middle-aged man in hotel rooms...
  19. Sondero

    (Little) Things that annoy you in Pokémon

    Sun/Moon basically addressed all those issues with the IVs. In the post game, you unlock the ability to basically see the IVs of your Pokemon in the PC represented by the usual stat hexagon. And you also have access to Hyper Training, where you can spend bottle caps to train the Pokemon to make...
  20. Sondero

    Smog Awards 2018: Results

    I didn't even know you could even get that many name changes :blobglare: