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  1. ck49

    SPOILERS! Scarlet & Violet Leaks Thread - Data/Mechanics

    Population Bomb is almost certainly like triple axel - has 90 accuracy and hits until it misses. Friend of mine counted number of hits across 34 attempts and it lines up well enough for me to believe its the case. Probably could use confirmation if someone wants to click and count some more.
  2. ck49

    VGC 22 Worlds Meetup Thread

    I'll be there competing :) This will be my second worlds as a competitor, looking forward to it.
  3. ck49

    VGC Ghosting Tour - Round 1

    Team India (ck49 shadekirby321 donaldwsjr) 2 - 0 (Artcar  S(u)oraVGC Argyros) Bourbon Prince's Phantoms Players
  4. ck49

    VGC Ghosting Tournament - Signups

    Team Name: Team India Players: ck49 shadekirby321 donaldwsjr
  5. ck49

    VGC 2022 Salt Lake City Regional

    Booked my flights there. It's expensive to get to but its hard to pass up a regional during spring break. Hopefully we get some more info on the circuit structure before the event but I'm looking forward to playing and meeting people regardless.
  6. ck49

    World Cup of Pokemon VGC - Discussion

    I think Group C is terrifying. It and Group A are the two most competitive groups for sure. But I'm playing in Group C so I'll give the run down on that. Denmark is the underdog. It has the fewest notable players in the group but is stil a very talented squad. I think if they were placed in any...
  7. ck49

    Pokemon Showdown Ladder Speedruns!

    This has been a thing in VGC for about a year now, it'd be cool to see it on the leaderboard. The run is to 1700 on whatever the current VGC ladder is. The current best times (I know of) are: 1. Duckpond - 1:20:16 2. Wolfe - 1:23:32 3. Duomark - 1:34:40 4. Chef - 1:34:58 5. MattieMoo - 1:51:22
  8. ck49

    Smogon VGC 2021 Major - Confirmation Signups ($1150 in Prizing)

    Battlefy Username: ck49 Pokemon Showdown Username: ck49 Discord Username (include the numbers): mgmfa#0294
  9. ck49

    VGC Series 7 Metagame Discussion and Resources Thread (Viability Rankings Post #2)

    The difference is if your opponent wants to KO it they have to click max ground and not max steelspike - it's got a pretty high base defense. If they're not clicking steelspike then regigigas is KOing things. It's probably a C tier mon, but it's also significantly better than a horrible...
  10. ck49

    VGC Series 7 Metagame Discussion and Resources Thread (Viability Rankings Post #2)

    Given that Regigigas is completely reliant on Weezing (and not necessarily vis-versa), shouldn't they both be in the same tier?
  11. ck49

    Resource VGC: Ask a Simple Question, Get a Simple Answer

    Just a heads up, it doesn't get Tailwind in this generation.
  12. ck49

    SS Random Battle - Dynamax Voting

    Dynamax: Do Not Ban
  13. ck49

    SS Random Battle Suspect Process - Dynamax

    I think this is an important aspect that might be overlooked. I think a version of the meta where dynamax leads to rewarding gameplay exists with some tinkering, but that's hard to say without experimenting. As it stands, dynamax is likely ban-worthy, but this could very well be simply due to...
  14. ck49

    thanks lol

    thanks lol
  15. ck49

    Pending Add VGC search term for /ds and similar queries

    With the release of home, VGC and Smogon rulesets not only have different allowed Pokemon, but also varying movepools. There are existing search terms for Smogon tiers, including smogon doubles tiers. This would be a huge quality of life improvement for anyone teambuilding in VGC.
  16. ck49

    VGC First VGC Team of the Year!

    Generally speaking your team looks strong defensively but doesn't have the speed control necessary to utilize the offensive mons you're using. Braviary isn't a good TW mon because of the new mechanics. If your tailwind setter isn't fast you're basically giving up a turn of tailwind. I also...
  17. ck49

    Research Sword & Shield Battle Mechanics Research

    One more niche Eiscue mechanic. If your opponent breaks ice face with (physical) max hailstorm, you do not regenerate ice face from the hail being set up. This implies hail is set before ice face is lost.
  18. ck49

    Research Sword & Shield Battle Mechanics Research

    It gains it back as soon as it switches in.
  19. ck49

    Research Sword & Shield Battle Mechanics Research

    Adding to this. Finally found an eiscue so I can test. Ice face will restore if you switch eiscue in while there's hail, even if it's been restored earlier in the battle. Ice face can regenerate multiple times without switching out, provided hail stops and restarts.