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  1. Mr.E

    Smogon Premier League XIV - Commencement Thread

    what's with the wonky GSC stats, how does espeon have 16.67% win rate with only three uses and multiple mons with odd usage numbers have 50% win rate :smogthink:
  2. Mr.E

    Metagame Terastallization Tiering Discussion [ UPDATE POST #1293]

    For the record, I am not this guy and free whatever it is y'all are trying to ban.
  3. Mr.E

    OU GSC OU Viability Rankings mk. 3

    Nah, Rhydon switches into Electric. It's a pivot for Lax at the very least, but HP Ice is still more common than HP Water on our esteemed Electric legendaries. *sigh* :facepalm:
  4. Mr.E

    OU GSC OU Viability Rankings mk. 3

    Other than Normal resistance, its typing does it absolutely no favors. Like I know Snorlax matchups are important but Ttar basically can't switch into anything else (can't beat EQ Lax either!), it's vulnerable to every form of passive damage and status, and shitty STAB attacks blunt a lot of its...
  5. Mr.E

    OU GSC OU Viability Rankings mk. 3

    Dang, past three years guess I'm not gonna be invited anymore and I missed it. Gengar over Raikou, that's interesting. Ttar always overrated zzz, and Charizard.
  6. Mr.E

    Sports NFL Fantasy Football 2022-23 Season

    always A Making me post. :blobglare:
  7. Mr.E

    Smogon Premier League XIII - Semifinals

    For those bitching about the bitching, I think a player literally being banned right out of semifinals is actually pretty relevant to the topic. :blobshrug:
  8. Mr.E

    Smogon Premier League XIII - Semifinals

    free ojama (and TC) also go tyrants so I am on-topic
  9. Mr.E

    SPL XIII - Commencement Thread

    So... not using the hard R? :blobthinking:
  10. Mr.E

    SPL XIII - Commencement Thread

    hey guys I heard the TDs did yet another dumb what's new here bruh I got permabanned from the discord for greeting a long-time user in the exact same way I've been doing it for a fucking decade with zero issue because it's almost a bad word, let's not overstate the problem of bigotry around here
  11. Mr.E

    Sports NFL Thread: 2021-2022 Season

    that's what he gets for trying to make a big fucking deal about it instead of just coming out and saying it
  12. Mr.E

    OU GSC OU Discussion Thread

    EW more or less comprehensively elucidated both the actual problem, potential solutions, and my own position: The only questionably bullshit thing is Umbreon utilizing one of its myriad of hax moves at its disposal to cheese a TrapPass. Misdreavus lacks the bulk and recovery to consistently do...
  13. Mr.E

    Tournaments SPL XIII GSC Discussion Thread

    Reasonably standard shell. Double Electric gives you a general typing and stat advantage to out-muscle most opposing teams in long stalemate-type games. Your Spikes counterplay is having both Skarm + Zapdos, the only two OU Flying-types, on the same team. It is, essentially, a quintessential...
  14. Mr.E

    Sports NFL Thread: 2021-2022 Season

    Nobody has ever deserved to be fired for a single play more than Brandon Staley for that timeout.
  15. Mr.E

    Sports NFL Thread: 2021-2022 Season

    if you ain't rooting for Bengals-Cards, why do you hate fun
  16. Mr.E

    SPL XIII - Commencement Thread

    have you guys tried not drafting cancers
  17. Mr.E

    Sports NFL Thread: 2021-2022 Season

    You mean Antonio Brown is batshit insane, right.
  18. Mr.E

    Social CAT PICS

    all she do is LOAF
  19. Mr.E

    Media Videogame thread

    One Step From Eden is already on my Steam wishlist and I loathe Iconoclasts only because of its fucking advertising campaign. Also, everyone should play Moékuri, a surprisingly hardcore moemon SRPG.
  20. Mr.E

    NFL Fantasy Football 2021-2022 Season

    Choose your adventure: Lose because of Kelce in COVID protocol Lose because WR4 outscored my three better FLEX plays combined Lose because outscored by 11 at the position people think should be removed from fantasy Lose because New Orleans is a fucking garbage team and franchise Express...