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  1. longhiep341

    I think I can, see you then.

    I think I can, see you then.
  2. longhiep341

    GG Open, I'm +7, when do you want to play?

    GG Open, I'm +7, when do you want to play?
  3. longhiep341

    Non-official SV STABmons Suspect #1 - Walking Wake

    Walking Wake: Ban
  4. longhiep341

    GG The Godly Gift Open - Signups

    I hope Home mixes things up.
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    GG Godly Gift Resources

    Speed Tiers (Current as of 2023-03-19) (Note: Speed receivers should be searched through god) Speed Sprite Pokemon Base IVs EVs Nature 670 :hawlucha: (+2) Hawlucha 118 31 252 Neutral 656 (+2) Volcarona 100 31 252 Positive 631 :dragapult: (+1) Dragapult 142 31 252 Positive 612 :iron...
  6. longhiep341

    Suspect SV STABmons Suspect #1: Walking on Sunshine (Walking Wake)

    Not the best GXE but this is my first time playing STAB this gen so I will take it. :pincurchin::toxapex::ditto::iron valiant::iron moth::iron leaves: - Not the most creative team of mine but I tried refining Electric Terrain and I think this is pretty close to being optimal. Thunderbolt on Iron...
  7. longhiep341

    Research Scarlet & Violet Battle Mechanics Research

    In old gens, iirc, Lustrous, Adamant and Griseous Orb boosted the user's STAB attacks (meaning, if Palkia, Dialga or Giratina changes type via Soak, then the boosted types will change), is this still a thing in gen 9 with their new item? (via Tera, Soak, Conversion, Forest's Curse, etc) Edit: I...
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    Announcement Putting the Mix back into Mix and Mega

    A question, will Lustrous Globe, Griseous Core and Adamant Crystal boost the user's attacks?
  9. longhiep341

    Non-official SV AAA Suspect #3: Gholdengo

    Gholdengo: Do not ban
  10. longhiep341

    Non-official SV Camomons Suspect #1: Annihilape

    Annihilape: Do not ban
  11. longhiep341

    Suspect SV AAA Suspect #3: gold rush (Gholdengo)

    Team: :tauros-paldea-blaze: :greninja: :avalugg: :blissey: :altaria: :gastrodon: Commentary: I built this team around Tauros-Paldea-Blaze to get a better grasp on it for its analysis. What I realized though is its set and effectiveness depends too much on this suspect test result. Though what...
  12. longhiep341

    Metagame Inverse

    Double post to say Chien-Pao has been unanimously banned! Chien-Pao's fast Speed and insane power allow it to tear through offensive and defensive teams alike, having basically no counter with either Swords Dance or Choice Band set. It also still sports respectable bulk and defensive typing...
  13. longhiep341

    Suspect SV Camomons Suspect Test: Stronger (Annihilape)

    Taking 20 mins to find a game is certainly not good to do req without forgetting you searched for one. :breloom: :masquerain: :gholdengo: :heracross: :salamence: :garchomp: - Hazard stack Web offense Web is criminally underrated (literally absent outside of my team), you can easily customize...
  14. longhiep341

    NFE NFE Metagame Discussion

    Time for a massive team dump for all main metas. I won't just dump everything in OM Bazaar because my builder is filled with both OM and OMM teams and I want to give some insights for teams as well as some ideas I had that didn't come into fruitition yet. Hopefully I can inspire some players to...
  15. longhiep341

    SV UU Stage 2.1 Voting Identification Thread

    First time playing UU since 2013, pretty fun tier. :bisharp: :klefki: :gyarados: :armarouge: :donphan: :polteageist: - Built this team to ladder, probably not good but very fun to use, Armarouge carried like half the games. Regarding Iron Hands, obviously this team has no problem dealing with...
  16. longhiep341

    Metagame Inverse

    Hello! I'm here with some announcements. Inverse was chosen for Spotlight trios! You should sign up if you are interested in Inverse since this is a rare chance to get games, or if you want some competitive environment while trying out a new meta. You can sign up in the link below...
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    Non-official SV AAA Suspect #2: Fur Coat and Ice Scales

    Fur Coat: Do not ban Ice Scales: Do not ban
  18. longhiep341

    Official SV DOU - Annihilape

    Annihilape: Ban