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    What pokémon got affected most by changes in the remakes of their games?

    Even without Toxic it's still doable. My greatest Pokémon victory is the time I beat my friend's in-game team (including Mewtwo) with just rentals in Stadium, and my only strategy was switch around as much as I could to avoid Mewtwo taking everyone down. Snorlax is a beefy boi.
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    Some of the best Pokemon sprites

    I was always a fan of Mankey's sprite in Red and Blue; it looks like a teapot.
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    The last time I battled competitively was HGSS. What metagame changes since then would surprise me the most?

    For example, I went to BW Ubers to read up on the new legendaries and stared for probably a good ten seconds when I saw Blaziken's name in the list.
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    (Little) Things that annoy you in Pokémon

    Did people ever shiny hunt without RNG abuse? I don't even see how that's possible.
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    Pokémon you had fun using in in-game runs

    I haven't ever played beyond HGSS, so my answer will be for very old games. Since in-game Pokémon are both weaker and less likely to be switched out, using a support Pokémon like Lopunny is a lot of fun to me. Even though I know there's no human on the other side, it's still satisfying to give...
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    Real-world territories that will never be Pokemon regions

    Any non-Japan Asian region is very unlikely, as pretty much every country in East and Southeast Asia has a fraught history with the others. Lots of invasions, lots of racism, smattering of genocide, etc. Australia got mentioned above but the Outback is way, way too big and empty to portray in a...
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    What pokémon got affected most by changes in the remakes of their games?

    Gyarados gaining Intimidate, physical water moves, and Dragon Dance are all major boosts from GSC to HGSS. Sneasel got physical STAB and an evolution to play with. Tyranitar could run dual STABs without having to be a mixed set, got Sand Stream, and then got the 50% SpDef boost on top of that...
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    Give me literally anything Pokémon related and I'll try and say positive things about it

    I joined Smogon way back in 2009 and then took a looong break right before the start of BW until a couple months ago. I'm completing the Pokedex in Emerald and in Platinum before I play Gen V for the first time ever. What added features or changes in those games do you think someone who has...
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    Gen III Battle Frontier Discussion and Records

    Metagross and Salamence do pair very well. Something I've done to great effect in Gen IV (and I imagine it wou work here as well) is switch between the two when I'm facing an EdgeQuake user. The AI will always try to earthquake against Metagross and Stone Edge against Salamence, so if you just...
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    Challenge 4th Generation Battle Facilities Discussion and Records

    So I finally got bored of my save state-aided Garchomp Hall streak and let myself face the unwinnable focus sash Weavile matchup. I'm looking into the other record streaks right now but so far they all seem to be juggling multiple sets, which I just can't bring myself to bother with. Besides the...
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    Hi Tits McGee, I'm Ron Burgundy?

    Hi Tits McGee, I'm Ron Burgundy?
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    The prodigal son has returned

    The prodigal son has returned
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    Any names I would recognize (from 2010-2011ish) still hanging around?

    Man, I wasn't expecting to see five I knew! I was thinking one or two at most. No but I have heard of an IRC channel named something similar... I'm glad to hear it's memorable, I loved this avatar so much. (Also, how weird is it that my "RW's avatar > James Cameron's Avatar" location is...
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    Any names I would recognize (from 2010-2011ish) still hanging around?

    I've recently been back on a Pokémon kick, and from the Gen III and Gen IV Battle Frontier threads I saw that Smogon is just as active as ever. Any other old-timers still pop in here and there?
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    What an amazing avatar.

    What an amazing avatar.
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    Those little things we don't talk about...

    Dreamed that one of my really good friends' little sisters was in the hospital dying once, that dream stuck with me just as strongly as it did when I woke up the entire day. Had to give her a huge hug the first time I saw her just because she didn't have all kinds of IV's and tubes and stuff...
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    Those little things we don't talk about...

    The weirdest thing is when I took a break from studying for finals to play solitaire. I was stressed and sleep-deprived, and I no longer "knew" how to play. However, I still could. Somehow my brain had no idea what it was looking at but still knew exactly what to do.
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    my fantastic 1k (with haikus!)

    Whoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo are you who who, who who edit: goddammit, san pellegrino
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