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    Randomly logged in today and saw a thread in IS about the Top Contributor badge. Jesus, how tf...

    Randomly logged in today and saw a thread in IS about the Top Contributor badge. Jesus, how tf did you folks manage to sit and retro-badge every single top contributor ever? Just thinking about the amount of effort that would have gone into this makes my head spin lol
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    Grats on Smods :)

    Grats on Smods :)
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    OU Alolan Marowak

    Deletions Additions / Corrections Comments [OVERVIEW] Alolan Marowak's typing in conjunction with Lightning Rod gives it a range of useful resistances which that allow it to check a range of incredibly dangerous Pokemon such as Mega Medicham, Magearna, and Tapu Koko. It is decently bulky, and...
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    Grammar-Prose Team Queue: It's a Whole New World We Live In

    Scolipede (Poison) 1/1
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    Monotype Scolipede (Poison)

    Deletions Additions / Corrections Comments [OVERVIEW] Poison ====== *Scolipede's (no curly quotes) movepool, great Speed, (add comma) and decent Attack allow it to serve as a potent offensive wallbreaker, sweeper, or cleaner. *Scolipede is one of the only few viable physically offensive...
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    OU Magnezone

    "... attempts to be a hybrid of sorts by trapping ..." Just make that change, and you should be done I guess :) Second sentence is fine; you don't need to merge it with the first sentence.
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    OU Magnezone

    Deletions Additions / Corrections Comments [OVERVIEW] * Magnet Pull trapping Steel-types is the prime reason to use Magnezone. Being able to eliminate bulky Steel-types such as Skarmory, Celesteela, and Ferrothorn can open a lot of opportunities for Magnezone's teammates to sweep. (Assuming...
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    OU Slowbro

    Deletions Additions / Corrections Comments [OVERVIEW] * It's Slowbro's typing and excellent bulk that allow it to check a wide range of threats such as Landorus-T, Mega Charizard X, Keldeo, Zygarde-10%, and Excadrill. * It has a great ability in Regenerator to keep Slowbro remain healthy...
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    Spelling and Grammar Standards

    What is the standard to be adopted for the usage of "Z-Power"? It's simple enough when this term is used as a noun (e.g., "The user creates a poisonous swamp using its Z-Power", although I doubt we'll ever see this in analyses), but I want to be clear about its usage as a verb. Consider these...
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    Ubers Palkia

    Deletions Additions / Corrections Comments [OVERVIEW] * Stats, typing, and movepool have always been something to watch out for with Palkia, and it makes a return to SM as an uncommon but dangerous threat to keep an eye out for. * The loss of Soul Dew has knocked Latios and Latias out of...
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    OU Quagsire

    Deletions Additions / Corrections Comments [OVERVIEW] * Unaware is Quagsire's main selling point, allowing it to take on the majority of OU's physical setup sweepers such as Bisharp, Mega Charizard X, and Mega Scizor. * Quagsire has decent physical bulk with a good typing alongside Recover...
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    Grammar-Prose Team Queue: It's a Whole New World We Live In

    Ubers Ho-Oh 1/1 OU Quagsire 1/1 Ubers Palkia 1/1 OU Slowbro 1/1
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    Ubers Ho-Oh

    Deletions Additions / Corrections Comments [OVERVIEW] High Attack and powerful STAB moves alongside Sacred Fire's high burn rate make Ho-Oh extremely tough to switch into. Ho-Oh never really suffers from 4MSS four-moveslot syndrome thanks to the amazing neutral coverage offered by its STAB...
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    OU Keldeo

    mil Sorry for the delay, I'm done with my GP check now. Bullet points are supposed to be complete sentences, and several of them didn't have periods at the end - I think I caught all of these in my check, but kindly go through it carefully nevertheless when you're making the changes.
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    OU Keldeo

    Deletions Additions / Corrections Comments [OVERVIEW] Keldeo has a great offensive and defensive typing, checking Dark-types such as like Weavile, Gyarados after Mega Evolution, (add comma) and Mega Sharpedo to name a few; (semi-colon) Steel-types such as like Scizor and Celesteela...
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    OU Magnezone

    Deletions Additions / Corrections Comments [OVERVIEW] Magnet Pull, great typing, and workable stats are the prime reasons to use Magnezone. Magnezone is a great support Pokemon that can specialize in dealing a significant amount of damage punch holes ("specialize ... damage" was kinda...