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  1. ThatOneSpork

    Which one should you choose?

    Voted for the second on this account but real quick hopped on my alt to vote for the 1st. I take no sides, only bans.
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    what's stopping you?

    Okay but how does it combine the knife into it without cutting you. Whenever you use silverware, you always come in contact with essentially the entire thing. Your hand covers the handle part, and your mouth the utensil part. Put the knife on the utensil part, you're sticking a sharp object in...
  3. ThatOneSpork

    what's stopping you?

    It'd be the blatant utensilism against sporks.
  4. ThatOneSpork

    Formal Request

    I think the lack of rickrolls has been saddening if anything. Why change who you are? Consequences be damned, enjoy being you. Start rickrolling people again. Do wacky things on your smogon anniversary. Don't let the bullies change who you are. Don't be meek and let them take your posting...
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    Ethical conversation pertaining alcohol and the projected haughtiness and superficiality of the wine industry

    either alcoholic beverages magically tastes like candy after you've reached the age of 21 or every alcoholic is a masochist (wine is kinda okay though)
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    “Slugma” in french

  7. ThatOneSpork

    Announcements The Well #79 - Nominations (now under new management)

    I nominate mods. And Ivy. I'm pretty sure I didn't miss the well where Ivy was welled in the well.
  8. ThatOneSpork

    Are question threads back?

    Were question threads ever really gone?
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    Talk without length about things you aren't interested in.

    Poor Canadians. They're only known for maple syrup and being nice.
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    Talk without length about things you aren't interested in.

    Sports are boring. I don't know much about 'em. And why do people who play sports make lots of money? Not sure. Oh well.
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    Really REALLY Bad Ideas Thread [Tutorial]

    A bad idea, eh? I'm full of them! So you see, you necropost in an old thread (the deader the better) and you reap the rewards! That's about it.
  12. ThatOneSpork

    todd bonzalez's... smogoff rpg [cycle 17]

    Well if a poster fell, why doesn't someone just hang it up again? Nail it into the wall or tape it to the wall or something, just do whatever you wanna do.
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    What is your opinion?

    Okay but clearly Culvers is the best fast food chain by far.
  14. ThatOneSpork

    What is your opinion?

    No thoughts head empty.
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    [Metagame] Shitmons

    people from the 1v1 community would never necropost.
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    todd bonzalez's... smogoff rpg [cycle 17]

    Wait... are posts at the blinking squares?
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    The Scheduling with Europeans Tier list

    Honestly I deal with scheduling in a very special way. I tell them to give me their free time, I math out the times, and then I choose the one I prefer. Honestly, fuck declaring your intentions first. That's always a mistake. Let them worry about coming up with agreeable times. You're...
  18. ThatOneSpork

    The one pieceee

    Damn... discuss it with us, but come up with a pretense for the haha funny smogoff thing. "Discussing the dlc but every d, l, and c are replaced with a's". Something like that. If the thread gets taken down you have at least gone down with a rumble.
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    todd bonzalez's... smogoff rpg [cycle 17]

  20. ThatOneSpork

    The one pieceee

    This is progress! mods the rules are working! (sorry actual mods if this somehow reaches you)