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  1. readytolose

    Pet Mod Roulettemons 2

    Goldkin: No Mantaruff: Abstain Vibraash: Abstain Gastrotail: Abstain Gnomey: No
  2. readytolose

    Pet Mod Roulettemons 2

    Goldkin: It’s a fighting-weak special wall with exploitably low Defense that works through debilitation rather than support. Salt Cure + Corrosive Gas + Recovery and one other attack is its bread and butter This treads on Koalpuff’s toes a lot. The main difference is being slow and lacking Wisp...
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    Pet Mod Roulettemons 2

    Crolegion: No Wizpole: No Termtera: Yes Stunecko: No Hunttar: Yes
  4. readytolose

    Pet Mod Roulettemons 2

    Koalpuff: No Spidmaton: Yes Eleitan: No Chilltile: No Metathorn: No
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    Pet Mod Roulettemons 2

    Gonna do this point form since it’s just better than a block of text Koalpuff: It’s basically a fast special wall that has a lot of nasty utility options Although it’s vulnerable to physical attackers, it has many ways to debilitate them between wisp, knock, and ngas, all at a high speed, even...
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    Pet Mod Roulettemons 2

    Lumimorph: No Bonedos: Yes Volcaninja: No Marshsaur: No Flamiswift: Abstain
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    Pet Mod Roulettemons 2

    Lumimorph: I am not impressed with this mon honestly, it’s slow with an awkward typing and not as much bulk as it would like. Drizzle + Fishious is strong, but not so much that it would be a really good breaker, and it’s so slow too, even if it can get a Glare off. CM is also a letdown as your...
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    Pet Mod Roulettemons 2

    Komodung: Yes Irotile: No Drageon: No Earthibou: No Elemadillo: No Goldoth: Yes Flamester: Abstain Allinyte: No Charrilla: No Cateloon: Abstain
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    Metagame Pokébilities

    Pokebilities is a lot of fun but it's probably one of the OMs that's the most similar to standard play overall. Because of that I decided to go through the current OU VR and evaluate which mons on here improve the most from the changes in this meta. This should be a pretty good start to getting...
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    Resource SV OU Viability Ranking Thread [ UPDATE: POST #634 ]

    Why is Charizard ranked? Even after Solar Power, it’s still weaker than Chi-Yu. I would imagine it’s the ability to Tera Fire while still retaining coverage for Tyranitar and having a spikes immunity and potentially being a secondary breaker for sun teams, but even then the reliance on sun...
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    Pokémon Iron Thorns

    Iron Thorns @ Booster Energy Ability: Quark Drive Tera Type: Grass EVs: 252 Atk / 4 Def / 252 Spd Jolly Nature - Dragon Dance - Thunder Punch / Wild Charge - Low Kick - Ice Punch This set of coverage for the DD set is much better imo. Low Kick does 92% minimum to SpDef Ting-Lu after Booster...
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    Pokémon Quaquaval

    Base Stats: 85 HP / 120 Atk / 80 Def / 85 SpA / 75 SpD / 85 Spe (530 Total) Abilities: Torrent | Moxie Notable Moves: - Close Combat - Aqua Step - Wave Crash - Swords Dance - Roost - Tera Blast - U-turn - Ice Spinner - Aqua Jet - Rapid Spin - Brave Bird - Low Kick - Bulk Up - Taunt Learned...
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    Project Pokemon Thread Reservation

    I would like Quaquaval as well. I'll do it tomorrow ok - ausma
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    Pokémon Grafaiai

    Base Stats: 63 HP / 95 Atk / 65 Def / 80 SpA / 72 SpD / 110 Spe (485 Total) Abilities: Unburden | Poison Touch | Prankster Notable Moves: - Parting Shot - Gunk Shot - Knock Off - U-turn - Encore - Toxic - Tera Blast - Low Kick - Taunt - Switcheroo - Super Fang - Nasty Plot Learned Moves...
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    Project Pokemon Thread Reservation

    Grafaiai yes - ausma
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    Metagame [SPOILERS] Scarlet & Violet OU Discussion [BAN LIST POST 626]

    This will be a real effortpost, I'll keep updating it as we go. Using voice transcription so sorry for mistakes. Also presuming that there will be no transfer moves (just to be safe) and that terastalizing will be banned because it's broken oops. Ting-Lu @ Leftovers Ability: Vessel of Ruin EVs...
  17. readytolose

    SPOILERS! Scarlet & Violet Leaks Thread - Data/Mechanics

    Cresselia-0 - 120/70/110/75/120/85 (Total: 580) - Psychic/Psychic - Levitate/Levitate/Levitate Cresselia was nerfed
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    Metagame [Gen 8] Category Swap

    Meta's over, here's my team dump (click the icons!) :jirachi::garchomp::ferrothorn::mandibuzz::naganadel::primarina: This team uses some interesting picks. Primarina is a unique offensive mon and alternative to Keldeo that serves as a check to Keldeo on top of an offensive water. The EV spread...
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    Tournament Re-Evolution Kickoff Tour - (Won by quziel) lost in 3 gg
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    Metagame [Gen 8] Category Swap

    Been enjoying this meta a lot, here's my take on things so far :magearna: This thing was broken, yeah. I predicted that this would be super viable with a ton of different sets, but we didn't get to try many of them as Shift Gear proved the most viable and led to a quick ban. It had a bit of...