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  1. Serious Teacher loses appeal to return to teaching because of history in pornography

    Oh my god i swear to everything that is high and mighty in this world that if you make this assumption seriously one more god damn time even though she has NEVER EVER EVER claimed to be a success for being in porn I will go on a rant so vile and vulgar that I will get the banhammer on this forum...
  2. Official NBA 2012-13 Season Thread

    Summary: In a hypothetical scenario where you're on a professional sports team and you're losing by a ridiculous amount and the other team has a chance to break a record, there are two ways to react. How a man would react: "Well, shit, we're getting our asses kicked this game. Well, you know...
  3. League of Legends: Let's Talk About uhhh??

    Admittedly I dont pay a ton of attention to competitive play and I base these off of my own games and streams I watch, so I may be completely off base.
  4. Serious Teacher loses appeal to return to teaching because of history in pornography

    This is like the twelfth instance where I've seen an entire thread gang up to argue against jrrrr and he always still seems to consider himself right. Youre completely ignoring the people's REASONING for saying they wouldnt encourage their family to do porn. Theyre saying theyre afraid of the...
  5. Official NBA 2012-13 Season Thread

    Considering the topic of discussion was Mark Jackson's decision and CK said "it was unsportsmanlike and pathetic," then I'm fairly sure he was referring to Mark Jackson's decision, meaning he disagrees with you, meaning "^^^^ this" is not what you should have said.
  6. League of Legends: Let's Talk About uhhh??

    I don't look at win rates that often, but...jesus, what happened to Gragas? What happened to the good ol' days when he was like a top tier mid laner? I mean good lord, I see him about as often as I see Trundle nowadays (I can honestly only remember seeing like one in the past two months).
  7. Serious Teacher loses appeal to return to teaching because of history in pornography

    Anyone can do porn? Alright jrrrrrrr, I'd like to see you keep an erection for an hour and ejaculate on command after said hour is over. Well, I mean, I wouldn't actually like to see it, but it'd be funny to see you try. Because you would fail. But I'm just nitpicking here. I have nothing...
  8. League of Legends: Let's Talk About uhhh??

    whoa whoa whoa what da fuq is you talkin about nigga shaco's ganks at level 2 during season 2 (a little weaker now thanks to the nerf) were literally the strongest thing ever. like, fucking seriously. a good shaco deceives onto your ass and you just die. instantly. there's no chance. Shaco was...
  9. League of Legends: Let's Talk About uhhh??

    Akali is a great pubstomer but not much else. At 6 it's too easy to take advantage of bads and hyper-carry from there. Kat does the same thing but adds significantly more to the team, so there's not really any reason to pick Akali in competitive games (which is why she is never used in ranked).
  10. Official NBA 2012-13 Season Thread

    You also ESPECIALLY don't get better at defense by just mindlessly fouling for the entire final few minutes of the game simply because you're too scared that they're going to put up another 3 and make it. Maybe Mark Jackson should have told his team to actually play some defense so they could...
  11. Haters Gonna Hate

    LOL talk about some of the worst shows ever created...
  12. Official NBA 2012-13 Season Thread

    Why the fuck does it matter at that point? Give them credit for having an incredible night offensively, let them go for that record, and start packing your bags. Don't be an asshole for no good reason other than the fact that you can't accept that your defense was beyond atrocious on a night.
  13. Official NBA 2012-13 Season Thread

    Mark Jackson kind of being a dick. The Rockets were tied for the most 3's in an NBA game and the Warriors just started fouling the Rockets for the entire last minute even though they were losing by 30. Assholish move brother.
  14. The Everything NFL Thread - 2012 Season (Up til 2013 Draft)

    This is a fair assessment. I was just in disbelief that he could compare this to some of the recent Super Bowls that were just masterfully coached and executed overall on both sides. This one was certainly tense, but there were too many instances of severely questionable playcalling and elite...
  15. Haters Gonna Hate

    Without fail, I lose it every single time at "You kept makin' all the stops?!"
  16. The Everything NFL Thread - 2012 Season (Up til 2013 Draft)

    Sometimes I ask myself why I like to come to this thread to talk about football all the time. And then I have conversations like this with my friends on Facebook: And then I don't question myself anymore.
  17. Haters Gonna Hate

    rkpvON6IpNs ^ one of the funniest scenes ever in the history of anything. ever. Does watching that scene do anything for you Adam? If not then Seinfeld just isn't your brand of humor, which is totally okay. I'm just wondering if one of Seinfeld's greatest scenes (regardless of whether you...
  18. Official NBA 2012-13 Season Thread

    Washington Wizards against the NBA's top teams: vs. Miami: 1-2 vs. Oklahoma City: 1-0 vs. LA Clippers: 1-1 vs. Denver: 1-0 vs. San Antonio: 0-2 Combined Record: 4-5 (44%) Washington Wizards against everyone else in the NBA: 8-30 (21%)
  19. League of Legends: Let's Talk About uhhh??

    It's like they want to completely wipe out the traditional AP Carry or something. Good lord, Riot. Oh well. It's been easy to be successful lately just counter-picking and running Pantheon mid whenever a mage is picked on the enemy team.
  20. Favorite Genre of Music?

    god that was sick as fuck. folksy songs like this are so damn fun to listen to. and that GUITAR PLAYING (sounded like banjo technically but it's a similar concept whatev). Some people think metal guitarists and shit that just move their fingers and pick as fast as they can are talented? no sir.