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  1. SpaceFlare

    Other Team building guide

    It is worth noting that you can even do away with hazard removal on a HO team if nothing gets really dented by any. I've found Thundurus and his Prankster Taunt to be a nice utility mon that stops hazards from being set if you play him correctly.
  2. SpaceFlare

    Pokémon Donphan

    Donphan seems to keep getting hated on every generation. Even back in the height of Gen 3 I could recall people calling him the most overrated Pokemon in OU. The big reason is probably that he fulfills a specific niche and isn't just a very simple add-on to your team. And nobody wants to...
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    Dota 2

    You guys mind playing with someone from SEA from time to time?
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    Other A guide to hyper offense in Gen 6 OU

    Thundurus-I actually does really well on a HO team. He can hit hard and even wallbreak with a mixed attacking set. Prankster Taunt is also really important as it can stop Defoggers from doing their thing. I was experimenting with a HO team a while back and I found him to be a very valuable...
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    Official NBA 2013 - 2014 Season Thread

    He's a center, he doesn't really need a lot of handles.
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    Official NBA 2013 - 2014 Season Thread

    At the end of the day, the ASG is a game for the fans. So I guess fan voting the starters make sense as it's who the fans want to see. And most of the NBA fans don't look at stats and just vote for who they like.
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    Pokémon Hydreigon

    To add to this, running a Steel move doesn't even cover the more common fairies in the form of Mawile, Azumarrill and Klefki. A Poison move would be even worse coverage. Been playing around with him a bit and the mixed wallbreaking set still works wonders as he can still hit fairly hard. Team...
  8. SpaceFlare

    Official NBA 2013 - 2014 Season Thread

    There are reports saying Joel Embiid and Jabari Parker are thinking of not joining the draft yet. Obviously it's a ways away but losing those 2 kind of hurts the depth of the class with the Wiggins hype falling off a bit.
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    Move Knock Off

    Physical Mega Luke might just be the only thing that won't mind switching into Knock Off.
  10. SpaceFlare

    Item Assault Vest

    I don't think AV Conk would like to lose his priority move or his way of recovery. And I'm not sure you'd run it over a coverage move or Knock Off, running 3 STAB moves is a bit overkill. If you can afford to run it, the most likely move to give up is Drain Punch maybe. And I just don't like...
  11. SpaceFlare

    Pokémon Staraptor

    So is the idea with Staraptor akin to the Rayquaza-Salamence core in Gen IV ubers?
  12. SpaceFlare

    Pokémon Hydreigon

    Makes you incredibly susceptible to pink blobs or Ttar though, assuming you are slotting it over Superpower on the mixed set. Or if you're running an all out attacker, you lose the longevity that Roost provides.
  13. SpaceFlare

    Pokémon Kyurem-Black

    If he had Ice Shard off of 170 Base Atk, I don't think he'd still be Ubers off of that alone. The Stance Dance Aegislash set tried to go big by abusing incredible defensive typing, and 150 Base Atk by trying to spam +6 Shadow Sneaks, and we all know how that set has fallen out of favor now...
  14. SpaceFlare

    Pokémon Hydreigon

    Why does no one mention Iron Head as an option for the mixed set over Superpower for coverage? Still hits Tyranitar fairly hard, and with the bulk of fairies being heavier on the special side, Flash Cannon doesn't dent them much so Iron Head is the superior fairy coverage move if you really need...
  15. SpaceFlare

    The Gamer (manhwa)

    Actually been reading this and it's pretty interesting to follow. They're taking a long time to proceed with storytelling, but it's fun to see how powerful the main character is becoming.
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    Official NBA 2013 - 2014 Season Thread

    Three-team trade between Celts-Warriors-Heat. Kinda sucks to see Jordan Crawford's fantasy value melt away like that.
  17. SpaceFlare

    Pokémon Kyurem-Black

    Since it dents Rotom-W really hard already, I suppose the only thing that he'd miss Earth Power for is opposing Heatran.
  18. SpaceFlare

    Pokémon Charizard

    Latios actually fares well I'd think. As fairies aren't running too common and most people still use steels to block Draco Meteors, which Charizard can deal with handily. And you can even do some double switching where you bring in Latios, and they predict a DM and you go to Charizard, giving...
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    Pokémon Thundurus-I

    Holy shit. Time to revamp the set then. No need for the Speed drop now.
  20. SpaceFlare

    Pokémon Thundurus-I

    I've actually been using this set a lot and Hammer Arm is such a nice surprise. People always seem to think Tyranitar can come in safely as he takes boltbeams neutrally and is very bulky on the special side. And then they get smacked with a Hammer Arm and they lose their Ttar.