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  1. Bog Monster

    I'm looking for a very specific music/OST and I don't know what it is

    Bruh there's like a billion anime pianos But here's my guess
  2. Bog Monster

    Sticky Orange Islands SQSA Thread

    How are encryption constants determined when transferring from gen 5? E: nevermind it's just copied from the PID.
  3. Bog Monster

    burger tournament [Round 1]

    The overburger: Top Bun Sriracha Mayo Every legal submission except the overburger Bottom bun
  4. Bog Monster

    do you accept the deal?

    No deal, but I would love an immortal snail as a companion, rather than adversary. #gastropodSquad
  5. Bog Monster

    Research Scarlet & Violet Battle Mechanics Research

    In the right place this time: Sorry if this has been asked before, but I'd like some clarification on tera and type-changing effects. If a Pokemon has its type changed via protean/soak/trick or treat/etc and then teras into the new type, does it super stab? In addition, if a Pokemon has its...
  6. Bog Monster

    Sticky Orange Islands SQSA Thread

    Thank you! Serebii said the cave to the left of station 3 and I thought it the little hole next to it.
  7. Bog Monster

    Sticky Orange Islands SQSA Thread

    Does roaring moon have any special conditions to get it to spawn? I've been looking in its hole in the wall and I've found two shiny pawmi before getting an ancient mence
  8. Bog Monster

    sprigatito losers round up

    a subset is rarely equivalent to a superset
  9. Bog Monster

    Bet Your Avatar, Round 11- Will The Real Sprigatito Please Stand Up? [SEE POST #250]

    Changed to mine, but open to worse suggestions
  10. Bog Monster

    I'm designing a crossover project between Pokémon and the 3D Super Mario platformers

    User: Theorymon has gone on several vision quests about this
  11. Bog Monster

    Think of a guy [TUTORIAL]

    guy who knows the full details of herb's murder by the chicago mob for his coffee machine business in 1960s miami
  12. Bog Monster

    Smogoff is for sale

    Just put it on the super wheel and foist it on to some unfortunate sod
  13. Bog Monster

    Seeking Advice on a huge life transition [serious]

    Everytime you lose, punch yourself in the nuts. This will classically condition you to avoid losing altogether.
  14. Bog Monster

    whos the oldest person on smogon

    Oh no
  15. Bog Monster

    TailGlow's phone-in show (SPECIAL BONUS ROUND: Beef or Bust?)

    :emolga: Emolga Motor drive Taunt/encore Thunderbolt U-turn/volt switch Protect / roost Enough speed for +1 gyara, idk other benchmarks Rest in bulk
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    about among us
  17. Bog Monster

    TailGlow's phone-in show (SPECIAL BONUS ROUND: Beef or Bust?)

    The prize is a voucher for pizza takeaway when any sane person gets pizza delivered
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    Is this thread worth two bits?
  19. Bog Monster

    Orange appears?

    I had chocolate-covered candied orange peels for the first time recently and they are good, highly recommend
  20. Bog Monster

    silly inconsequential things that make you like or dislike someone more

    Good: Into fish/aquaria (the newt thread is in gh for a reason) Bad: Makes isekai jokes when a celebrity dies