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  1. Johta

    1st Annual BSS Secret Santa

    Sorry to who ever gets my gift In.
  2. Johta

    SPOILERS! Mysteries and Conspiracies of Pokemon

    Z-rings are manufactured by the Kahunas using "sparkling stones" given to them by the Tapu. It's why everyone is surprised by the player being given one of those directly.
  3. Johta

    SPOILERS! Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon In-Game Team Thread

    I won't get into too much detail but Illusion helps you out immensely If you're having trouble with a certain Pokemon near the end of the game. It can literally turn what's probably the most difficult battle in this game into a 2HKO in your favor. I ditched Zorua on my Moon playthrough and boy...
  4. Johta

    Social Where is your nick from?

    Same. But Joh-tah is how you pronounce it in my native language.
  5. Johta

    SPOILERS! Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon News & Discussion MK2 **Official Media Only**

    Yo guys! This is really small and likely the least interesting trivia ever, but the Pokemon Global Link API's request headers have been updated and it's changed to: Referer: for Ultra Moon/Ultra Sun and Referer: for...
  6. Johta

    SPOILERS! Mantine Surf Discussion and Records

    Fun thread! Here are my own personal records. Sharpedo are some massive dicks btw. Even if you dodge them, sometimes they'll try to hit you again from behind.
  7. Johta

    Little things you like about Pokémon

    Ooooh, guys I just realized something I don't think many people have noticed. In SM there's a cliff in MeleMele that is just above Kala'e Bay ( that one hidden area you access through the Secret Meadow/Seaward Cave ). Now, there are patches of tall grass where the cliff is & down below in Kala'e...
  8. Johta

    Unpopular opinions

    Real talk, ever since the RBY days I've always thought Dewgong was right up there with Articuno as the most beautiful thing ever ( and I still do )--sleek and its simplicity is easy on the eyes; just nice to look at. Besides, guys, it's got puppy eyes, how can you not like something with puppy...
  9. Johta

    SPOILERS! General Pokémon Anime Discussion

    To be entirely honest with you guys, this is how I wish the plot in USUM had played out. Heck, I genuinely find anime!Lusamine to be really likeable. Hyped for the Dragon Trial & even more so for what comes next, but did you guys notice that Silvally is holding the Fairy Memory? ( you can see...
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    SPOILERS! Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon Datamine Thread

    Can't screen cap the whole list but this should suffice No, not really.
  11. Johta

    SPOILERS! Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon Datamine Thread

    1 - Yes, you can buy all megastones at the Battle Tree. 2 - Postgame, at Mahalo Trail just before you reach the Plank Bridge ( the one that breaks in the beginning of the game ).
  12. Johta

    SPOILERS! Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon Datamine Thread

    Necrozma, yes (mount lanakila, close to the exit). Cosmog, no. They replaced the Cell Hunt with the Totem Sticker Hunt. The cube now comes with 40% out of 100% Cells, Dexio gifts you a 10% Zygarde, and a 50% is hanging around in Resolution Cave. Basically one for every UB that was in SM +...
  13. Johta

    SPOILERS! Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon Datamine Thread

    No. It's not streetpass the way you're thinking. GF isn't that stupid. I checked the 3DS setting, put the local communication mode, the game street pass is actually when you are in the plaza. It takes the people around you + the people online, and stock up to 100 people + your VIP. That's why...
  14. Johta

    SPOILERS! Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon Datamine Thread

    I really don't know, but it's much more fun than doing Inverse Match-Up missions. No idea but from the looks of it it seems like you always get an item + FC. Judging by how apparently the amount of FCs received goes up with every grade I'd assume that the rarety of the item you get would go up...
  15. Johta

    SPOILERS! Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon Datamine Thread

    No idea if it's been said before, but the Battle Agency rewards you Festival Coins as your grade goes up. Went from grade 0 to 1 and got 200FC + Rare Candy, then from 1 to 2 and got 215FC + another Rare Candy. Seems like an incredibly easy way to farm FCs and the Battle Agency by itself is...
  16. Johta

    SPOILERS! Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon Datamine Thread

    Sorry to disappoint but I don't think so. The new style, in Ultra Moon at least, is called "Nihilist Style" and the hint you get for how to acquire it is: "If you want to learn those kinds of moves, maybe you should be experienced in life enough to even take on an old man with no scruples" It...
  17. Johta

    SPOILERS! Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon Datamine Thread

    Nope. We get black leggings instead.
  18. Johta

    SPOILERS! Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon Datamine Thread

    The Kommoo-o and Karate get-up are goddamn glorious guys, i swear
  19. Johta

    SPOILERS! General Pokémon Anime Discussion

    Holy Sh#t! SM episode 49 was g r e a t I've wondering this whole time how on earth did Lusamine not know what caused Lillie to be afraid of touching pokemon and today I finally got the answer: she's just a bad mom. Gladion to Lusamine: Oh wow, damn. He just went and told her. USUM dropped...