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  1. Pokémon Annihilape

    I just got done talking about this in Freezai's server. We basically reinvented TerraCott. I foresee people running tera-normal for this exact reason.
  2. Rejected Light That Burns The Sky is described inadequately.

    Bulbapedia has a much more complete description: Light That Burns the Sky compares the user's Attack and Special Attack stats, dealing damage to the target using the higher stat. If the user's Attack is greater than its Special Attack, the move will be a physical move; if its Special Attack is...
  3. your veil offense sample team is weak to quagsire...

    your veil offense sample team is weak to quagsire.
  4. VGC [Series 11] I can't see what's wrong with this team

    So what you're saying is that I shouldn't give up just yet, I just need to learn to play around zacian-c and venukoal should help me with that? I figure with as low as I am on the ladder, it's such an obvious threat that I need to have a plan for it before TP. I did think about intimidate...
  5. VGC [Series 11] I can't see what's wrong with this team

    I'm not sure Caly-I is worth keeping after I did this damage calc using S10 sets: +1 156+ Atk Zacian-Crowned Behemoth Blade vs. 252 HP / 252+ Def Calyrex-Ice Rider: 176-210 (85 - 101.4%) -- 6.3% chance to OHKO +1 252+ Atk Zacian-Crowned Behemoth Blade vs. 252 HP / 252+ Def Calyrex-Ice Rider...
  6. VGC [Series 11] I can't see what's wrong with this team

    First off, it's 3-6 on the ladder, but that's a lie. Two of those wins were by forfeit after I got a surprise KO, I've yet to break 1100. I actually played the team after building and before posting here, which is apparently what you're supposed to do with these things. Usually I built and then...
  7. Resource Series 10 Viability Rankings

    how is Landorus-I rated higher than Landorus-T? has the metagame shifted so much that the king has finally had to make a change to keep his throne?
  8. It seems I've been assigned to you to re-start my VGC journey. How do we get started?

    It seems I've been assigned to you to re-start my VGC journey. How do we get started?
  9. All Official B101 Pairing Records

    Assigned to zeefable Username: Unbreakable PS! username: UnbreakableVGC Timezone: GMT -5 Usual hours: 5pm to midnight every day Experience: I went to one local and they didn't have enough people to give points. Finished 3rd out of 6, and yet when I was in a couple of informal store tourneys I...
  10. Hardest Relative NPC

    Been a while since my last post in the thread, but I got a like and it reminded me of a game that wasn't even out at the time. But you know the Sky Trainer with the Emolga? Good thing the battle is optional, otherwise you WILL get wiped if you haven't specifically trained to counter it.
  11. Metagame SwSh Little Cup Data and Speculation

    So nobody in this thread has noticed or cared that Wooloo gets Fluffy? Between that and Stufful, even previously feared physical attackers like Sneasel should be concerned about their ability to force switches.
  12. Project If Galar's major gym circuit is based on the 8 strongest types, what would they be?

    I honestly don't see how in Shield, Melony gets away with being the third strongest among all the types when she has freaking Ice. Basically, this project is seeing how the gyms would realistically shake out instead of just choosing the 8 that would make for an interesting boss rush. And yes...
  13. [OLD] Smogon Replay Vault - Submissions [CLOSED] In which I have an absolutely stacked roster, and it still somehow comes down to 1v1. Highlights include a missed prediction trying to nail Kartana after he switched it in on Mega Diancie previously (turn 14), successful use of...
  14. Ask the Admins - Question Submissions

    For Sam: I've heard criticisms that US Midwest has a shallow talent pool,, so what do you look for when scouting potential WCoP team members? Or is that not your department?
  15. Does Smogon U offer individualized education plans?

    Does Smogon U offer individualized education plans?
  16. Battle Chateau: Your guide to $$$Money$$$ and Experience

    My god. Suddenly the 5 million to join Team Flare over the course of the story seems more reasonable than I ever thought. I didn't realize the turnover rate in the Chateau was that high. As for what's better money wise, let's leave it at this: With Le Wow, you have to pay to get in and the...
  17. Metagame 350 Cup

    How is Wishiwashi not banned from this? Does the school form not get the base stat boost, but the solo form does?
  18. Online Competition ~Ultra Spooky Cup~ :ghost: | Shiny Mimikyu as entry gift!

    Marshadow immediately jumps out as the premier threat, followed by (in no particular order) Gengar, Hydreigon, Aegislash, and Darkrai. Xurkitree might be an interesting anti-meta pick.

    Are we still doing this for 17, or is it for the current Sun/Moon/Ultra ruleset rotation in 19?
  20. Copyediting Battle Tree Mechanics and Guide [GP 0/2]

    Hi, yes, I'm interested in these novice proof teams you mentioned, if such a thing can be said to exist. They managed to get me to the first special trainer while I was hanging out in the discord. (Maybe drop a link to the tree discord in here as well? I was in there for a while, but I had an...