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  1. Fishy

    ding dong

    who's there
  2. Fishy

    omg... im so embarassed.., please stab me

    omg... im so embarassed.., please stab me
  3. Fishy

    Smogoff Knife Fight No Johns (Finals)

    hi sorry i got ascared and membered i dont like knives
  4. Fishy

    Lifestyle physical health/fitness thread

    omg getting back into push up form and i am so sore today. as for wrists: strength exercise is always the best way to avoid and ward off injury, especially for joints! i too notice some tight/uncomfortable sensations after being stationary but active with my hands for too long, like laptop...
  5. Fishy

    Things I do better high

    make amazing business decisions like buying Twitter dot com and charging $1,000 for professional check marks :pimp::pimp::pimp:
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    alert!!!! new growth :quagchamppogsire:
  7. Fishy

    New jersey

    Narrator: It's true. "They" hate to see anyone winning, but especially in New Jersey.
  8. Fishy

    seeking equivalent exchange:

    these actually came from Italy so i wouldn't anger them with such comments...!!
  9. Fishy

    Social Neurodiversity

    i dunno about being a MASTER, but i find it's better to attack arguments, not people~
  10. Fishy

    Social What's something that made you happy recently?

    my divorce is finally finalized, feels surreal and i know it'll settle in further over the next few weeks so i will peacefully absorb my new reality and relish in its permanence :sphearical:
  11. Fishy

    chess power creep ideas

    let pawns ride the knights but only if they're side by side knights can now GALLOP or TROT across the board depending on how fast the pawn wants to go if the pawn dismounts into the queen, he drop-kicks her
  12. Fishy

    Thread for chatting, generally

    hmm very weather this evening
  13. Fishy

    seeking equivalent exchange:

    all offers are PATHETIC the ante has only gone up i raise italian vaporeon. finest water fox of the EU note: trades need not be card form. i want stocks and first borns
  14. Fishy

    How to add fat fucking boobies to an un-mammaried entity in a tasteful and intelligent manner

    for the woman who needs no introduction:
  15. Fishy

    Lifestyle physical health/fitness thread

    coming up on the end of January, which means i've managed to stick to the same exercise schedule i've adopted for a solid 4 weeks that i'll be finishing this weekend! finally i can feel relief vs daunting impossibility because i know what my goals are and can actually measure the pace of my...
  16. Fishy

    Smogoff People's Moderator 2023 (i wonder who will win this year. probably big ashley again right. yea probably tbh)

    now accepting bribes for my candidacy I solemnly promise to run a campaign that is 100% opposite of anyone you don't like currently running. Whatever they say they're going to do for you, I'm actually gonna do the OPPOSITE by DOING IT FOR REAL because they are liars and won't do anything for...
  17. Fishy

    Social Neurodiversity

    emotional expression is always valid, and important, so i too agree it's best when people can mutually process thru emotions in a respectful way, even if the emotions can get heated. dont bottle anything up kids!!!!
  18. Fishy

    Social Neurodiversity

    thank you for this response! i can further empathize with the desire to defuse—they say people who have suffered either think everyone else deserves to suffer as they did, or that they don't wish a single moment of suffering on anyone ever. finding a balance and erring on the side of kindness...