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  1. Metagame Max Berries: A Genetically Modified Metagame

    Would banning all hold items except berries be too much? Would at least force people to use the gimmick of the OM. :D
  2. Metagame Linked

    One interesting thing you can do is Destiny Bond every turn if it's a linked move. Normally it will start to fail if used in succession (like Protect), but since you have another move in between you can always have Destiny Bond up.
  3. Research Sword & Shield Battle Mechanics Research

    If a Pokémon's Unburden is activated, and it then loses Unburden (through Skill Swap, Entrainment, etc) does it retain the speed boost?
  4. Pokémon Sirfetch'd

    They probably designed it around in game usage. In game, with Affection doubling your crit chance, Leek means a crit every single attack no matter what move you use. So, for instance, the attack drop from Superpower doesn't mean anything.
  5. OM CCaT (STAB-Mons) (Phase 3: Nominate for Pokemon 6)

    I'd nominate 1v1 but I think that would defeat the object. :) Instead, how about Monotype.
  6. Ladder STABmons (the old one)

    Hmm, I tried copying over my team from last time and realised Clefable was never Normal any more. Oh well, replaced it with Sylveon instead. Sawsbuck is still pretty decent, though lack of perma sun is annoying - Chlorophyll means you outspeed almost any non priority, then you can Spore, Belly...
  7. Showdown Art Room Contest: Ability Shift

    Terrible MSPaint Magician Clefairy!
  8. Power-Twist - V3.0

    The accuracy was increased in Gen 5 - it's now 85%, like Hydro Pump. (Was previously 75%, though.)
  9. Power-Twist - V3.0

    Same as Hydro Pump, I think we can live with that.
  10. Power-Twist - V3.0

    So Mega Pinsir gets Bind. A 135 base power move, that gets Aerilate bonus, traps the opponent and deals 1/8 of their max HP at the end of every turn just for fun. Oh my.
  11. Peakmons

    Now, how will Simple work? It's change isn't a strictly worse/better thing. For old versions of Simple, you could Baton Pass, say, a +2 boost to a Simple Pokémon and it would immediately act like a +4 boost. On the other hand, a Simple Pokémon Baton Passing out would be better under new rules...
  12. Peakmons

    So Gen 1's perma freeze is in effect? More importantly, what about Gen 1 + 2 Stat Exp? At their peak, all Gen 1 and 2 Pokémon could invest full Stat Exp into every stat; so that means they're allowed 255 EVs in every stat. And don't forget the Special Attack/Defence split - a lot of Pokémon...
  13. Ladder Monotype [Read post #393 for Tiering Updates]

    Well, 252+ Atk Technician Mega Scizor Bullet Punch vs. 252 HP / 252+ Def Avalugg: 114-134 (28.9 - 34%) -- 98.9% chance to 4HKO after Leftovers recovery. I don't know, who actually uses Ice mono?
  14. Almost Any Ability XY (Suspect Over: Weavile banned, Keldeo Stays)

    Me First can be useful, but it's situational. You need good prediction. Since Lucario can run his own attacking moves, they're probably better. Now, Me First is amazing on an Assist team, as it can't be called by Assist!
  15. Showdown Art Room Contest: Ability Shift

    I'm terrible at art, but here's my MSPaint attempt! One of my favourite Pokémon to use in the tier. It is a Parental Bond Lilligant, of course. With its child, a baby Petilil! Petilil also has Parental Bond. So it's a two for the price of one!
  16. Silly Things You've Seen In Other Metagames

    I bet it's not as many times as opponents have tried Ghost moves on my 1v1 Girafarig! I keep getting people sheepishly saying they'd have thought the weakness would counteract the immunity. Yes, like how you can Thunderbolt Swampert...
  17. Almost Any Ability XY (Suspect Over: Weavile banned, Keldeo Stays)

    Exactly - I can't change the movesets beyond any of the non Assistable moves (Counter, Mirror Coat, Copycat, Metronome, Feint, Destiny Bond, Trick, etc.). I could run Refrigerate on Weavile and give it Feint (I think it's legal with Assist?), but then I lose the "always priority" V-Create...
  18. Flavourmons: what if you took the flavor text literally? (no OHKO or Auto-Win effects)

    Haven't read through the thread, so sorry if these are repeats... Mismagius Its cries sound like incantations to torment the foe. It appears where you least expect it. Either causes Torment as a secondary effect to moves, or all foes are under Torment whilst Mismagius is on the field...
  19. Ladder Monotype [Read post #393 for Tiering Updates]

    Max defence Cradily, Crustle and Terrakion running Leftovers and Protect can all switch in and OHKO it/force it out... But yeah, that's kind of specific. Of course, monotype teams in general need to be carrying ways to beat their counters, but dedicating an entire slot just to beat Talonflame...
  20. Almost Any Ability XY (Suspect Over: Weavile banned, Keldeo Stays)

    My Assist team does fairly well, but struggles greatly against Dragonite. Can anyone give me any pointers? Or should I just accept that Dragonite is practically an auto loss? (Not that I can't beat Dragonite on occasion...) It might be worth giving Sneasel Protect so that it can beat Weavile...