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  1. Jirachirite

    Proposal Grandfathering Pokemon into Lower Tiers

    And we should keep it this way. I honestly do not quite get why some people are so afraid that their metagame staples get so-called stolen by higher tiers? If a Pokemon is good in OU, it should stay in OU. The only flaw of the usage-based system is unviable Pokemon rising to higher tiers due to...
  2. Jirachirite Stall... Stall destruction with your team, got a OHKO crit on blissey (not sorry) at turn 104, and the shedinja with hippo at turn 118 before they forfeited and ran :)
  3. Jirachirite

    Official SS NU Suspect Process - Round 16 (Blastoise)

    Blastoise: Do Not Ban
  4. Jirachirite

    Metagame NP: NU Stage 14 - Push It to the Limit

    As someone who has been spamming Specs Indeedee-F for the past 7 months, I think Indeedee-F makes for a good suspect candidate (Specs set only, Scarf is balanced and CM is underexplored but harder to execute). Life Orb Male already put in work even during Bronzong meta, and once Bronzong left I...
  5. Jirachirite

    Metagame NP: NU Stage 13 - Toxic

    :indeedee-f::silvally-ground::tsareena::copperajah::sylveon::araquanid: I got reqs again yay Banning Dragalge is the right call imo, what sets it apart from the other wallbreakers is its access to a pivot move, excellent defensive typing and bulk, while still having immense power and coverage...
  6. Jirachirite

    Announcement SS NU Suspect Process, Round 13 - Voter ID Thread

    ban specs ndd, you only win by spamming protect
  7. Jirachirite

    Current Gen Tiering and a Higher Rise Cutoff ("The Hitmontop Issue")

    Except that out of the 9000 games, 8000 of them could be played by that one user spamming the same team. While that is an exaggeration, I would rather let the rightful tier placement of the mon be left to council groupthink than a single actor. Moreover, if Seismitoad rising to UU is ambiguous...
  8. Jirachirite

    Current Gen Tiering and a Higher Rise Cutoff ("The Hitmontop Issue")

    I wholeheartedly agree with a veto system. In fact, it is actually easy to detect which mons are genuinely good in higher tiers, and which mons are merely the "flavour of the month", being used in only 1 team either by the larger player base (due to events like the ladder tournament), or by only...
  9. Jirachirite

    Official SS NU Suspect Process - Round 12 (Silvally-Ground)

    Silvally-Ground: Do Not Ban
  10. Jirachirite

    Official SS UU Suspect Process - Stage 12 (Galarian Moltres)

    Galarian Moltres: Keep UU