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  1. Ropalme1914

    Ubers National Dex Ubers Viability Rankings

    We just got a ladder and the VR is almost 2 months old now, so I think we could see some changes :Deoxys-Attack: from C+ to A- Getting the big one out of the way, this Pokémon is way too underranked right, and I don't think anyone would disagree with it - just maybe where it should go. Despite...
  2. Ropalme1914

    Resource [LEIA ANTES DE POSTAR] Reservas para Traduções de Spotlights [ABERTO]

    As reservas de Spotlights estão ABERTAS novamente! Inicialmente, spotlights só serão postados nos finais de semana - isso se deve ao fato de diversas tiers ainda estarem em beta. Assim que os formatos se estabilizarem, os spotlights voltarão ao seu calendário normal.
  3. Ropalme1914

    Resource [LEIA ANTES DE POSTAR] Reservas para Traduções de Análises de SV Ubers

    Bem-vindo às reservas para tradução de análises de SV Ubers! Você deve começar por aqui se busca participar do projeto para poder reservar suas primeiras análises. Caso queira entrar em nosso Discord, contate Repu ou Ropalme1914. Orientações O número máximo de reservas para usuários comuns é...
  4. Ropalme1914

    Terastallization Tiering Discussion

    Judging by most replies, this won't be a popular opinion, but I really don't like some of the restriction options out of what Smogon values in itself - a lot of those just feels like arbitrary restrictions and straight up go to complex bans on my view - I could maybe see that on Ubers since...
  5. Ropalme1914

    Bug Reports v4 [READ ORIGINAL POST before posting]

    According to this post, Gigaton Hammer is supposed to leave the user struggling if it's Encored - this is currently not the case and Encore actually allows you to use Gigaton Hammer multiple times in a row [Gen 9] OU replay: beeoi vs. Ropalme1914 - Pokémon Showdown ( (Turns...
  6. Ropalme1914

    Metagame Ubers Metagame and Set Discussion v1 - Uncharted Territory

    Flutter Mane @ Booster Energy Ability: Protosynthesis Tera Type: Fairy / Ghost EVs: 252 SpA / 4 SpD / 252 Spe Timid Nature IVs: 0 Atk - Shadow Ball - Moonblast - Calm Mind - Taunt I've been playing with this a lot in the last few days and I'm surprised it hasn't been mentioned before...
  7. Ropalme1914

    AG National Dex Anything Goes Metagame Discussion

    Does that mean it won't be worked on at all or just at the start? Implementing Dyna is a HUGE mechanic that completely changes the metagame, and doing it too late can throw away a ton of metagame development, but completely disregarding Dynamax would go against the point of why the tier even...
  8. Ropalme1914

    SPOILERS! Scarlet & Violet Leaks Thread - Data/Mechanics

    Well, Darkrai already is a "duo" with Cresselia since they both share a theme, but one is legendary while the other is mythical. Personally, I wouldn't find it so strange if Darkrai remained the same, especially as Darkrai is not allowed on VGC.
  9. Ropalme1914

    SPOILERS! Scarlet & Violet Leaks Thread - Data/Mechanics

    The stats won't hold them back, we gotta see what the abilities will do and what they have on their movepool. As a reminder, you know who has a very similar statline? This thing.
  10. Ropalme1914

    SPOILERS! Scarlet & Violet Leaks Thread - Data/Mechanics

    Since nobody replied to that, I don't think there was much leaked about how the players who have access feel about empty or not or that stuff - but one thing that you didn't mention but I think also would interest you is that they said the performance was good when asked if the game had...
  11. Ropalme1914

    Ubers Pheromosa

    [Overview] Pheromosa é uma das Pokémon mais rápidas de Ubers, sendo ultrapassada apenas pelo incomum Regieleki e alguns usuários de Choice Scarf. Isso faz dela uma ótima pivot, ultrapassando Choice Specs Calyrex-S e tendo um dos U-turns mais fortes da tier. Ela também tem uma variada gama de...
  12. Ropalme1914

    Ubers Pheromosa

    Faço hoje
  13. Ropalme1914

    Project The Top 10 Titans of the Gen 8 Ubers Metagame [See Post #183 for Final Ranking]

    Yveltal, pretty much as close as mandatory to a Pokémon on a team ever since it released and straight up making stuff considered garbage before to actually become relevant like Zama-C
  14. Ropalme1914

    Official SS Ubers - Calyrex-Shadow Voting

    Calyrex-Shadow: Ban
  15. Ropalme1914

    Metagame SS Ubers Stage 8 - Voting ID Thread

    confirming (started with a different alt, but HO is too inconsistent lol)
  16. Ropalme1914

    Project The Top 10 Titans of the Gen 8 Ubers Metagame [See Post #183 for Final Ranking]

    :sm/Groudon: What effect did Groudon have on the metagame? Similar to its killer whale counterpart, Groudon has historically been a metadefining threat in Ubers, and despite it no longer having its near-100% usage Primal forme anymore, its top tier streak continues. Groudon is especially known...
  17. Ropalme1914

    SPOILERS! Pokemon Legends: Arceus *Leak Thread*

    Not sure if a hide is necessary since everything in this thread is shown directly, but either way Altered Palkia only gets the higher Attack, so it's only really if you want to run Bulk Up sets. While there aren't many Pokémon between 100 and 120 Speed, it still allows you to run Modest over...