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  1. KONY 2012

    Somebody is going to have to die to stop him, is it going to be you or them?
  2. KONY 2012

    I feel like if people really cared they would go over there and fight the war themselves, not just post about how evil this guy is for manipulating kids on the internet.
  3. KONY 2012

    I'm not really feeling it, the guy in that video sounded like such a self righteous douche. And I also don't feel like anyone really cares, they're just doing this because of peer pressure.
  4. st valentine's day

    so happy other people realize this
  5. origin of usernames

    + = mixmaster.mewtwo And then some mod decided to change my name to mixmaster.mewthree because I said that I don't like odd numbers. :nerd: So I decided ok I finna evolve ain't nobody seen mewthree before.
  6. shoegaze

  7. 2012 Movie Thread

    Zystral is the 'Bad-ass' movie poster with Danny Trejo supposed to be epic beard man? That's the first thing I thought of when I saw it, can't tell if it's supposed to be a joke or not though!!
  8. first world problems

    - When I feed my dog and give him water and take him out and love him for like half an hour and he still keeps whining and going crazy. - Having to get out of bed even though it's really comfortable to do my night time routine such as peanut butter eating, teeth brushing, face washing, etc. -...
  9. The (Past) Dark Horse Project — Volume 1

    Pokemon Online Username: N3RD Hall of Fame Standing: None Dark Horse Pokemon Currently Working With: Spinda, Magneton, Claydol Current Ladder Standing: 1000 (Have not begun testing yet)
  10. The love of your life cheats on you.....

    It's called a joke. Aspies detected.
  11. The love of your life cheats on you.....

    I already have a girlfriend but we can talk on the phone and you can do all the talking I can't contribute though as I do not cheat.
  12. The love of your life cheats on you.....

    Agreeing with the murdering the wife thing. Except, I wouldn't kill myself, I would roll around in her innards and steal her voice box and put it inside myself and use it to call up the person she had an affair with and invite him over and then wear my wifes skin and rape him and then kill him...
  13. Tank Game

    I thought this thread was going to be about aquariums like you know how black people talk about their whip game when referring to cars?
  14. Christmas traditions

    Cannibalism is my only family tradition
  15. What Pokemon Should Have Been Named

    That was a low blow...
  16. What Pokemon Should Have Been Named

    Jynx -> Princess, Precious, or Destiny Smoochum = Destiny's child xD!!
  17. What Pokemon Should Have Been Named

    No way if they called Metapod penis moms wouldn't let their kids buy the game. Think about it realistically.
  18. What Pokemon Should Have Been Named

    I was trying to think of cool nicknames for my pokemon today when I was making a team for PO when suddenly it hit me; :evan: I can think of names that are more fitting for pokemon than the ones that gamefreak gave them. Here are some examples that I created; Ferrothorn -> Agrablade (Agra =...