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  1. Reinfleche

    Metagame SV OU Metagame Discussion

    this one feeling like a "sources say 2+2=4" boss
  2. Reinfleche

    Big (Official) Cyberpunk Mafia - The Many [s]Others[/s] Steamrollers Rolled Over You.

    I really wanted to wasteland Tundra :( Vote Meadow
  3. Reinfleche

    Mafia vs Village GUZMAfia - SIGN UP FOR TEAM SKULL!

    I'll be a sub but I won't be able to sub until probably may 3rd or so.
  4. Reinfleche

    Multifaction/FFA Paper Mario TTYD Mafia - Night 11

    Once again I continue my trend of getting screwed in increasingly creative scenarios for an alarming percent of the smogon games I play... for fuck's sake, double check things before you have to ask the question "he's the co-mod right?" That's all I have to say, just using my complaint equity...
  5. Reinfleche

    Big Wayne Bradiest Mafia - Game Over - 13 Winners

    My role was pretty good I just had the unfortunate fate of being Sam's enemy, who I really wanted to try and win with after the tragic end of Wayne Bradier. Then I got enemy checked immediately and from there I don't think I could have realistically done much about it at all, but that's just how...
  6. Reinfleche

    Big Wayne Bradiest Mafia - Game Over - 13 Winners

    I got enemy checked n1 and was enemies with sam I have nothing else to say about my luck
  7. Reinfleche

    Big Wayne Bradiest Mafia - Game Over - 13 Winners

    hey guys how's it going kripparian here today i'm here to talk about my luck. turns out it's preeeeeeeeeeeetty bad
  8. Reinfleche

    Big Wayne Bradiest Mafia [Sign-ups]

    Back with a vengeance
  9. Reinfleche

    Big First Official Smogon Mafia Game: Metagame Mafia - Game Over - Anything Goes Wins!

    Vote rssp1 This guy was clearly never to be trusted anyway, I mean Braviary's evolution line only has 2 Pokemon and he's devoted to praising the wrong one of them?? unbelievable