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  1. guys I'm not showing off I need help this time seriously

    This team is incredibly weak to Electric types. I got swept by a Specs-Jolteon using this team. Also Barbaracle has been failing me pretty bad. He's so weak to priority after a Shell Smash and his attacks NEVER hit! IMO replace Barbaracle with a Ground type or something.
  2. A completely new Standard OU metagame?

    Give us the tierlist already.
  3. Ask a Simple Question, Get a Simple Answer - Read FAQ in First Post Before Asking

    No, just tried to connect using wpa wifi settings but no signal. I changed it to wep and it works. It's really annoying that every time I want to wifi, I have to change to wep and then when i'm done change back to wpa.
  4. In-Game Tier List Discussion

    I can imagine the ghost E4 to be hell if I use my mono fire team. I have no way of hurting Flash Fire Shanderra or Burunkera.
  5. In-Game Tier List Discussion

    For my second playthrough, I think I'm going to go with an mono-fire team. I'll probably replace the monkey with Reshiram for late game.
  6. In-Game Tier List Discussion

    I agree with the previous post on all its points. Also to add, Otamaru and Yooteri seem way too high, put them in Upper Mid.
  7. Ask a Simple Question, Get a Simple Answer - Read FAQ in First Post Before Asking

    Apparently you can't name your character 'Slut' or 'Bitch', etc.
  8. In-Game Tier List Discussion

    A Pokemon is placed on how well it can do the entire ingame. The E4 is only a small portion of the game and for the rest of the time, Jaroda is inferior.
  9. In-Game Tier List Discussion

    Unlike most of the players that have posted on this thread, I don't really level my Pokemon and change them everytime I get a chance. So my Pokemon never really level up. Not to mention I use Max Repels and spend a lot of time dodging trainers (even if it means resetting if I accidently meet...
  10. In-Game Tier List Discussion

    You can actually get the fossils (Aaken and the turtle), after the 3rd gym but before the 4th gym. You have to go through the desert and you'll find it in the Ancient Castle. I haven't tried Shikijika but it seems quite strong. With Wood Horn/Jump Kick/Faint Attack/Return, you have perfect...
  11. Pokémon Black and White - Ingame Discussion

    Don't worry I've beaten the game already a few days ago. Basically my strategy is what all of you guys have suggested. Ghost/Psychic E4s were just TWaving their lead, then use Flash as much as possible with my Zebra. Once the hax is over and my Zebra gets KOed, I bring in Ononodo and start to...
  12. In-Game Tier List Discussion

    Aaken's ability doesn't really affect my playthrough because it basically hits like a truck and never really gets hit back. Yes it's a glass cannon, but Pokemon is such an easy game that it doesn't really matter.
  13. Pokémon Black and White - Ingame Discussion

    Around the same time HGSS came out this year.
  14. Ask a Simple Question, Get a Simple Answer - Read FAQ in First Post Before Asking

    Is it possible to beat the game without any HMs? I have just beaten the game and I remembered I barely had to Surf/Strength and if I did it was just to get an item or something. I think the only time you need to use HMs to progress is Cut after the first gym to get to Munna and Fly for...
  15. In-Game Tier List Discussion

    What is everyone's stance on Aaken/Aakeosu (rock/flying fossil). 112 base attack and then 140 base attack when it evolves at lvl 37. When you get Acrobat at level 28, you rip everything to shreds except for those that resist but then you can always use Dig. IMO I don't know who I should choose...
  16. Pokémon Black and White - Ingame Discussion

    You can try Marriland's Walkthrough, although it's yet to be completed (only up to 5th Gym) -
  17. In-Game Tier List Discussion

    The Zebra is pretty amazing; Thunder Wave, Flash, Light Screen, Volt Change allows you to basically cripple your opponent's Pokemon and then Volt Change to your setup Pokemon. Obviously you will only use this for boss battles.
  18. Pokémon Black and White - Ingame Discussion

    Lvl 40 Archaeos (bird fossil) - Fly/Rock Tomb/Dig/Crunch Lvl 39 Zeburaika (electric zebra - mainly used to paralyse things) - Thunderbolt/Thunder Wave/Nitro Charge/Volt Change Lvl 40 Daikenki (water starter) - Surf/Aqua Jet/Waterfall/Revenge Lvl 43 Dageki (blue fighting dude) - Brick Break/Bulk...
  19. Pokémon Black and White - Ingame Discussion

    I'm at the Elite Four but I can't beat any of them. Here are my Pokemon so far: Lvl 40 Archaeos (bird fossil) Lvl 39 Zeburaika (electric zebra - mainly used to paralyse things) Lvl 40 Daikenki (water starter) Lvl 43 Dageki (blue fighting dude) Lvl 40 Onondo (2nd evolution of Ononokusa) Lvl 34...
  20. Shedinja Based Team

    Your team's success relies on the elimination of entry hazards such as Stealth Rock with Rapid Spin. However this is almost impossible if the opponent has a Rotom-A as it will block Rapid Spin from both Donphan and Forretress. Standard Rotom-A can also take on your whole team by itself with the...