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    Yeah. Funny, I got this while waiting for someone to get back... while we were in the middle of...

    Yeah. Funny, I got this while waiting for someone to get back... while we were in the middle of a metronome battle :P
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    Locked Up - OM Monthly Ladder Challenge

    I'd like to enter for November Username OML Physi
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    Metagame ORAS/XY PU (Serperior Banned)

    A mon that has been giving me great results and that I haven't seen nearly enough of is Poliwrath: Poliwrath @ Leftovers Trait: Water Absorb (damp can theoretically also be used to counter Golem and Gigalith slightly better, but water absorb is generally superior) EVs: 252 HP / 252 Def / 4 SAtk...
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    XY UU Attempt At Standard UU Team

    On milotic, run Bold > Impish Nature; this will allow your ice beam and scald to hit harder, while making your dragon tail slightly less damaging (But the main purpose of DTail is to phaze anyway). Alternatively, you can run Relaxed Nature to lower speed and keep both of your offensive stats...
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    XY UU Viability Ranking Thread

    This is not the definition of a check; additionally, M-Aerodactyl cannot reliably switch into these STABs; Entei has a 50% chance to burn, and banded Victini and Darm can 2HKO with their STAB fire-type moves, making this a highly unreliable counter or deterrent to fire spam. Fire spam is much...
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    XY UU Viability Ranking Thread

    Darmanitan OHKOs with sheer force rock slide, and outspeeds via scarf; Victini has a chance to OHKO with bolt strike (33% if I remember right), and guarenteed OHKO with bolt strike after stealth rocks, and also outspeeds via scarf. Mega-Aero does not check either of the two most popular fire...
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    XY UU Viability Ranking Thread

    You didn't even bother mentioning the following: if raikou does want to run aura sphere, which allows it to do some amount of damage to special walls like Snorlax or Umbreon, it must run a rash nature, both compromising its special bulk as well as allowing other scarfers, like Ape or Mienshao...
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     The Smeargle's Studio Music Megathread

    Check out my soundcloud here! I've been producing electronic music for about 6 or 7 years, but I've been doing a fair bit of EDM stuff more recently. Feel free to pm me either here or on soundcloud if you have any constructive criticism or just want to get in touch. I tend to prefer more...
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    I think I know you.

    I think I know you.
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    Bulky Set-Up Rage

    You could consider Aromatisse > Togekiss, which, while slightly impacting your bulk, takes out your stealth rocks weakness and provides decent offensive presence in the early game with moonblast, whereas Togekiss is walled by substitute/steel types. Additionally, this cuts down on Knock Off...
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    First RMT Peaked 1530

    No problem lol... seems like a really solid team already, and UU is one of my favorite tiers, so I couldn't resist. xD Do tell me how the changes work out for you/what you end up deciding on lol.
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    First RMT Peaked 1530

    You write that Victini is so great because of his STAB V-Create... have you considered Darminitan in that slot instead? While he does lose the 10 base speed points, Sheer Force Flare Blitz off of 140 base attack hits harder than V-Create (which I think is what you were saying you liked so much...
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    Welcome to the smogon forums!

    Welcome to the smogon forums!
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    But imagine this: what if Kyogre, upon primal devolution, gained the ability swift swim? Then it could swift swim in its own rain. O.o Anywho, this thread seems a little pointless, since it's all speculation. Fun, but pointless. Should be interesting to see how this develops when we get more info.
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    Resource ORAS OU Simple Questions, Simple Answers (Read the OP First!)

    Seem's you're getting a variety of replies to the second questions. I've heard the onomatopoeia, but I've also heard "Pathetically used" which I think was the original name for it... the other part was meant to be a joke. Idk exactly though.
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    The Next Best Thing... [V2]: Set Discussion

    Hrm... I did a quick ctrl + f for "dual screens" across the pages of this thread and didn't return anything. Bulldoze is another option, but Metagross's counters are mostly either too slow to care or can fly. So basically the options I see for Metagross are: - Choiced - Assault Vest -...
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    The Next Best Thing... [V2]: Set Discussion

    Well, in the spirit of innovation... One thing Metagross has going for it is a niche on heavy offense teams. Metagross can run a decent set as follows: Metagross @ Light Clay Trait: Clear Body EVs: 252 HP / 252 Spe / 4 Atk Jolly Nature - Reflect - Light Screen - Explosion -Bullet Punch/Meteor...
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    Pokémon Gogoat

    Because a +1 rock slide from most Pokemon fails to KO Talonflame. Anyway, you've got inefficient EVing. You want to put EVs into your nature boosted stat- either opt for something along the lines of some amount of defense EVs --> attack EVs + an impish nature or a more offensively EVed Gogoat...
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    Other XY OU Viability Ranking Thread (V2) (Last update on post #5189)

    Mega-Aggron: Advantages: - Can reliably rock - Decent offensive capabilities + thunder wave make it hard to set up on - Physical Bulk + Decent Defensive Typing Disadvantages: - Takes up the mega slot - No reliable recovery - If running Rest/Talk, can become set up fodder/stop momentum; in this...