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  1. Prevent

    Official NBA '17-18 Season Thread

    Sucks Lakers win streak got Snapped. Was really hoping them go on a next streak / playoff push but still got time. But with that we need other teams to also lose.
  2. Prevent

    Media Anime and Manga Thread MK3 - Beware Spoilers

    Glad you guys agree on YYH :)
  3. Prevent

    The MMA/Boxing/Fighting Sports Thread

    Wow this thread is dead, no MMA fans ? Ufc is tomorrow ...
  4. Prevent

    Official NBA '17-18 Season Thread

    Any sports bettors in here btw?
  5. Prevent

    Announcement Don’t cast Pearls before Hoggs

    Congrats ! Has a returning player it's awesome to see how smogon has held up and how lot familiar faces are still around. gz pearl
  6. Prevent

    2017/18 (Soccer) Football Thread

    I'm Portuguese so I was happy that they won, I think Brazil or Argentina can make a statement too this year
  7. Prevent

    SM OU Scarf Gengar

    Standard looking team, overall not sure about scarf gengar. Will edit with full review soon. But mainly came in post to let you know that staff usually requires certain requirements for RMT's and not sure this counts so might want read the sticky and fix up on it before they might close it ! :o
  8. Prevent

    Favourite foods?

    Beef/Chicken shawarma with rice with hot sauce white sauce a pita and a garden salad. or your typical fast food chinese food nom nom nom :D
  9. Prevent

    SM Ubers Trapped: A Hex-Gengar Balance [Peak 1859, #3]

    Ground Plate = Called ''Earth Plate'' might want to fix in the importable for people unaware of that.
  10. Prevent

    Favorite Room?

    underused room for me, always chill and not too much traffic/messages that its hard keep up
  11. Prevent

    What would your custom avatar look like?

    Custom Pokemon-showdown avatar? Probably Eusine with Suicune
  12. Prevent

    Official NBA '17-18 Season Thread

    Yeah that is true, I feel like Clippers could fell off leaving it lakers nuggets or jazz. Lakers now on 4 game winstreak and 4 games behind Utah now.
  13. Prevent

    2018 Winter Olympics

    This thread is dead guess no one kept up with winter Olympics?
  14. Prevent

    Official NBA '17-18 Season Thread

    Anyone think Lakers could make that playoff push? Tbh, their first 25-30 games they had quite few tight losses to some top teams. Also I feel like Cavs will fall to 4th -5th in east come playoff time.
  15. Prevent

    Media Anime and Manga Thread MK3 - Beware Spoilers

    Anyone here ever watch Yu YU Hakusho ? One the best animes imo and the tournament arc is one the best in anime history if not the best tournament arc. Must watch if you haven;t.
  16. Prevent

    Media General Music Discussion Thread

    underrated up and coming artist to check out is ''Global Dan''
  17. Prevent

    SM UU Simple Questions Thread

    I'm a returning player I've found that using the multiple discords smogon offer to keep up with the latest news and announcements for tournaments if you mean that, as for community overall just posting and contributing
  18. Prevent

    2017/18 (Soccer) Football Thread

    I'am very hyped for the world cup coming around
  19. Prevent

    Official NBA '17-18 Season Thread

    Lol this is great. Should do one with the shoes.
  20. Prevent

    OU Room Premier League 2 - Signups

    Player Name: prevent Tiers Played: SM OU / DPP OU Timezone : GMT-5 PS Username: TheRapizt Significant Time Missed?: No