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  1. bwburke94

    Research How many Pokemon are obtainable in each title?

    Emerald's 212/213 discrepancy is either the second Lati or the second Moon Stone evolution. Because the second Lati in non-Japanese copies of Emerald requires record mixing, it shouldn't be included in the count.
  2. bwburke94

    All Gens Past Gens Research Thread

    By your logic, we'd also have to blame either all freezing moves or all thawing moves in Gen I on-cart play. (Yes, I'm deliberately invoking a fallacy to make a point.)
  3. bwburke94

    All Gens Past Gens Research Thread

    I feel it better for Gen 2 to add a desync clause to cover any future desyncs, despite the only current desync being on an unviable move. But that's not the point of this thread.
  4. bwburke94

    (Little) Things that annoy you in Pokémon

    That's not an error. All five of those evolutions are naturally obtainable pre-credits without any trading, so the HGSS Johto Pokédex was expanded from 251 to 256.
  5. bwburke94

    (Little) Things that annoy you in Pokémon

    The important part here is that Let's Go is noncanon.
  6. bwburke94

    "Patterns" in Pokémon generations

    Until Gen VIII: Every previously existing Pokémon and move will be coded into every game, even if inaccessible at launch.
  7. bwburke94

    In-game tier list policy discussion thread

    The problem with tiering BDSP is that it just feels like an easier DP. Aside from the obvious drops of Bidoof and Wingull because HMs no longer exist, the tiers would be almost exactly the same.
  8. bwburke94

    Playthrough Elusive Pokemon

    Veilstone is the fourth gym in Platinum, not the third. Still vastly better than its availability elsewhere.
  9. bwburke94

    (Little) Things that annoy you in Pokémon

    The only required HMs were Cut (BW) and Surf (B2W2). They don't have official badge requirements, but there's no way to get Cut in BW without the HM, and acquisition of Surf is tied to story progress. I'm not sure if you can skip anything by trading over a Surfer to B2W2.
  10. bwburke94

    Research Sword & Shield Battle Mechanics Research

    This, of course, is because it isn't permanently gone from your save file if it's used in PvP!
  11. bwburke94

    Resource RBY and GSC Illegal Movesets

    According to this list, Crunch + Teleport is legal on Arcanine, but illegal if it has... Teleport? Which it already has? I suspect you listed Teleport twice by accident.
  12. bwburke94

    (Little) Things that annoy you in Pokémon

    And as a reminder, BDSP released on a Friday. Anyone who bought it physical (as I did) is likely to be in that situation.
  13. bwburke94

    Mons that fell off HARD in-game with repeat appearances?

    If everything is nerfed, nothing is.
  14. bwburke94

    All Gens Mechanics Differences Between Generations

    Speaking of Ditto, in what generations does a transformed Pokémon revert to its non-transformed stats when leveling up? (Already known to happen in Emerald and presumably the rest of Gen III.)
  15. bwburke94

    Research Sword & Shield Battle Mechanics Research

    According to Bulbapedia, it was 10 slots each in Generation IV. Are they correct?
  16. bwburke94

    Research Sword & Shield Battle Mechanics Research

    And on that note, what exactly triggers Keldeo's change to Resolute Form in SwSh? Is it as simple as "have Secret Sword and complete a battle"?
  17. bwburke94

    (Little) Things that annoy you in Pokémon

    Pelago is at least useful for item farming.
  18. bwburke94

    Challenge A Fool's Errand - Completing Pokemon Home Without Paying A Penny (COMPLETE)

    Underleveled PoGo mons are a thing. It's just one more thing we'll have to get used to on the trade market.
  19. bwburke94

    Challenge Nothing Lasts Forever - Playing through Sapphire without healing (Finished!)

    It can't be based on mod 4 either, because all the numbers involved are the same in that regard. I suppose we shouldn't get that worked up about being shortchanged by one experience point anyway.