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  1. Tears of the Shameless

    Thank you for the rate. I will try these things out. However, adding Jellicent and Rotom-W gives me three water types (including Quagsire). Is this really something that would be ok? Also, would you mind giving me the EVs and moveset for that CM/Roar latias?
  2. Tears of the Shameless

    Hello all, I have returned to this metagame after a brief hiatus and this my newest team, containing what I personally have seen handle this metagame well. The team gets it's name from the lyrics from a song off of Dream Theater's latest album. It was playing while I was building this team...
  3. Haha its ok! We'll battle again one day

    Haha its ok! We'll battle again one day
  4. GG I guess?

    GG I guess?
  5. such a bullshit win for you. that dark pulse crit mattered on my azumarill.

    such a bullshit win for you. that dark pulse crit mattered on my azumarill.
  6. ok give me a sec

    ok give me a sec
  7. you coming?

    you coming?
  8. gg.

  9. Far Beyond Driven

    Ok thank you, I'll give Curselax a shot and see how it goes.
  10. Far Beyond Driven

    Hello, thank you for the great rate, and I'm gonna take these things into consideration. They only thing is that if I run curselax, I lose the ability to trap the pokemon that give my late game sweeper trouble, as you pointed out. Also, now all those Gengar and Starmie get to switch out, and the...
  11. Far Beyond Driven

    I agree. Plus, Snorlax functions as a special tank, capable of taking all the powerful special attacks in the OU metagame. Slaking can't do this, and I don't wanna be getting set up on via Truant rest turns.
  12. Far Beyond Driven

    Bump: I'd like to get a few more rates.
  13. Far Beyond Driven

    @Maketsu: Good luck getting Hydro Pump to hit twice if at all, atleast with my luck. I will give it a try though. @[DR]Infernape: Starmie is specs, and it can't outrun/live a hit from Gyara after +1, rotoms the only who can do that, so I'm gonna try out Tpunch on Snorlax.
  14. Far Beyond Driven

    Thank you for the suggestions, but do I still get that OHKO on machamp and pert? i dont think I do.
  15. Far Beyond Driven

    The whole point is that it can OHKO Machamp, and I don't really mind rocks, no one on my team is really weak to them.
  16. Far Beyond Driven

    About a week ago, I started the process of building and testing teams in preparation for the creation of a team built around Nasty Plot Infernape. I figured out which Pokemon worked best together, and after a number of changes, came out with this. It's a team built with the goal of Nasty Plot...
  17. actually i hae to go, sorry

    actually i hae to go, sorry
  18. I'll UU

    I'll UU
  19. hey man, ill OU. see you on.

    hey man, ill OU. see you on.
  20. you found someone right?

    you found someone right?