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  1. Battle Spot ORAS Sun Team

    Hi guys. Sorry for the late reply, since I'm really busy these days. Thanks for your inputs and I'll try each one of it and see which one fits my team. *prolly gonna try a snatch, thanks for your suggestion omastar!
  2. Valar Morghulis

    Hello, is the shiny jolly terrakion still available? I would like to trade for it
  3. Battle Spot ORAS Sun Team

    Wow. Thanks a lot omastar68 and cant say, for both of your suggestions. I guess I'll try reworking on the team and play test it then to your suggestions. One question though, as I have said on the explanation, ferrothorn is for anti-kangaskhan(mega). Should I change it to Landorus-T and/or...
  4. Battle Spot ORAS Sun Team

    Thanks for your pointers on my mistakes. Now I will give an updated RMT post as you have suggested. Hello, I'm pretty much new to Pokemon battling, specifically online battling. I've always had a knack for weather team, and have played(casually) with a Rain Dance team. And now, I'm trying to...