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  1. Anthiese

    New Name and Profile Change Requests (Yet Again) [READ THE OP]

    Jac > Anthiese a lot of me has changed, and I would like here to reflect that. im prolly just going to use Anthi on PS bc Anthiese is already taken did -lily
  2. Anthiese

    Helioptile 0/2

    [OVERVIEW] Helioptile is quite an anomaly in that it has somewhat decent qualities that are outweighed by it's detriments. The good begins with Glare being a better Thunder Wave. Secondly, it's ability Dry Skin gives it a free immunity to Water-type moves. Lastly, the combination of Surf and...
  3. Anthiese

    LC Pseudo-Analysis Introduction / Reservation Thread

    reserving helioptile approved - levi
  4. Anthiese

    Tournament LCPL 7 - Week 6

    subbing kavatika for Spl4sh Nineage Eternal Spirit
  5. Anthiese

    Tournament LCPL 7 - Week 5

    i forgot to do this earlier subbing eternalsnowman for seo Sken Plas
  6. Anthiese

    i will past that along, thank you.

    i will past that along, thank you.
  7. Anthiese

    kaboom says: timezone: EST time available, 5pm-9pm on Friday, all day Saturday. he's having...

    kaboom says: timezone: EST time available, 5pm-9pm on Friday, all day Saturday. he's having difficulties getting online due to external issues.
  8. Anthiese

    Tournament LCPL 7 - Week 3

    posting on trace's behalf, won vs kaori replay go snivies <3
  9. Anthiese

    LCPL General Discussion

    god rude i get challenged by people who want to fight me i just didnt wanna do this specifically.
  10. Anthiese

    LCPL General Discussion

    dont call me out i will john the everloving fuck out of you
  11. Anthiese

    Tournament LCPL 7 - Week 2

    subbing London13 for ItzViper482 trash Melon lgi
  12. Anthiese

    Tournament LCPL 7 - Week 1

    w1 has been rough but we're not out yet. stay strong team!
  13. Anthiese

    LCPL General Discussion

    ALAS MY 1000th POST pile in
  14. Anthiese

    LC Player of the Week 8: trash

    i love trash / washibon inspirational player i have no questions for u bc iunno what to ask but here postin love also gl in ur matches <3
  15. Anthiese

    Announcement Cocomods

    fucking finally congrats <3
  16. Anthiese

    Metagame LC Ubers

    TEAM DUMP (it's only 1 team for now lol) here's a bad tr team i made enjoy Dirty Digital (Porygon) @ Eviolite Ability: Download Level: 5 Shiny: Yes EVs: 156 HP / 116 Def / 76 SpA / 156 SpD Bold Nature IVs: 0 Atk - Trick Room - Tri Attack - Ice Beam - Recover Powerful and bulky TR setter...
  17. Anthiese

    Announcement A Farewell to Berks

    i'll miss you! also gah does everyone in existence who played lc uu hate it :(
  18. Anthiese

    Project LC Community Create-A-Team II [R6: SUBMIT!]

    Shrug's Scarf Snivy give em the grass mixer
  19. Anthiese

    LC Player of the Week 7: Shrug

    no questions just here to say i love shrug makes me laugh and makes days better much love keep it up bb <3
  20. Anthiese

    Tournament DPP LC Tournament [Won by byronthewellwell]

    im going to drop out bc unplanned events happened and im very unprepared. Gummy Kurukaito