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  1. where you at

    where you at
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  3. yooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

  4. actually i play the tests

    actually i play the tests
  5. Im so good at playtesting

    Im so good at playtesting

  7. Ok im changing it back.

    Ok im changing it back.
  8. The Bull Is Angry Again

    You could change Terrakion to Scarf, and make it adament. At +1 speed, Scrafty will not outspeed Scarf Terrakion, even if it has a +speed nature.
  9. This is a team that I like

    I see why you keep Sharpedo, as it sharply helps deal with Terrakion. Now Weavile is an okay Pokemon, but while it is quick, it isn't strong. I just saw you hit Rotom-W with night slash in a battle, and it did a measly 36 percent damage. I guess Weavile would work better late game somehow in...
  10. This is a team that I like

    Hey Genny. I can see gastrodon and terrakion give you major problems. Terrakion can be covered by adding a gliscor, but that can also be bad, as it dies easily in the rain, as water moves are powered up, guaranteeing a 1hko. Instead of Mamoswine, maybe try Celebi. It gives off stealth rock...
  11. Trick Rain Storm

    Not much to change, as pocket suggested useful changes to about your whole team. Only one comment. How about changing the metagross set to an effective mixed attacker. Tntunderplex battled me with it on the ladder, and it nearly swept my whole team. The set is metagross @ expert belt, 252...
  12. Hey man :3

    Hey man :3
  13. Storm Bringer!

    Change tenticruel for the blastoise set you poasted. Change toxicroak for this lucario set: lucario @ life orb, adament nature, with 252 attack, 4 HP and 252 speed. Crunch, swords dance, extremespeed, and close combat for the moves.
  14. Alagaesia

    Overally, nice team. On dragonite run outrage instead of dragon claw, as you have lum berry to cover up thw confusion. I would change your conkeldurr up, to where it is a special tank. Try a careful nature, with 176 spdef, 176 HP, and 158 attack. Keep your original moves and item. Alakazam...
  15. Storm Bringer!

    Flash fire chandelure is OU, shadow tag chandelure is banned. Nice team. On politoed run toxic instead of hypnosis. Accuracy is needed when dealing with pokemon like Rotom-W. That breloom is too specially defensiv oriented to be holding sash. Run leftovers, and make it 128 special defense and...
  16. Quick Sweeps- A powerful, yet balanced OU Team

    Run a Bold nature on Jellicent, and give it 92 speed, so that it may outspeed skarmory. 248 HP, 92 Spd, 128 Def, and the rest should fall into special defense. On Volcarona, run a Timid nature, with HP rock. Leftovers should replace Life Orb, as it needs some sort of recovery. On Salamence run...
  17. ITT: Cute Faces

  18. nICEPICKtures

    Lol, that Mr. Mime looks stoned.
  19. Can You Haiku? (5)

    You bring the Kool-Aid You scream "Oh Yeah!" through the wall You fucked up my house
  20. Can You Haiku? (5)

    nails is a pervert he makes me hide my children jump should infract him