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  1. jg1198

    The RU Open V - Sign-ups

  2. jg1198

    Resource RU Viability Ranking: ORAS Edition

    While imho I think a lot of people are underestimating slurpuff's ability to set up, especially when combined with a memento user or screen setter, as slurpuff should be, I guess I would agree that A- is fine for it, the only reason it not deserving a higher ranking in my mind being that for it...
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    Resource RU Viability Ranking: ORAS Edition

    I wasn't at all trying to say that Hitmonchan is good, but as an example to show how Slurpuff doesn't care about priority since it resists most, and we have no good bullet punch users in the tier. Also I wouldn't say that A+ is impossible, because it really, really, tears offense and balance apart.
  4. jg1198

    Resource RU Viability Ranking: ORAS Edition

    I'd like to advocate moving Slurpuff from A- rank to A+ rank. As we've seen in OU with Greninja, adding a little coverage from new ORAS move tutors can take a mon from good to ridiculous. Slurpuff getting drain punch is everything it could have ever wanted. Slurpuff can now hurt steel types...
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    Project The Next Best Thing

  6. jg1198

    Project The Next Best Thing

    I know it's too late to have my set entered but I have been having great success with this set: Snivy @ Life Orb Ability: Contrary Level: 5 EVs: 240 SpA / 252 Spe Timid Nature - Leaf Storm - Knock Off - Giga Drain - Hidden Power [Ground] Does tons of damage with life orb, while still having...
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    Other ORAS Mega Speculation Thread (NO talk about potential bans NOR Aegislash)

    He's still frail as shit and because he can only get that speed boost once before he mega evolves, he offers basically no team synergy. Honestly he doesn't seem that great so far.
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    Pokémon Volcanion

    This thing will be decent but it's being highly overrated in this thread. Seriously it's STAB attacks are very easy to switch into, and and teams with a cleric don't give a fuck about steam eruption either. It may be strong, but a lot of shit is, and volcanion isn't fast, and it sure doesn't...
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    Pokémon Volcanion

    Volcanion @ Leftovers Ability: Water Absorb EVs: 248 HP / 80 SpAtk / 180 Spe Modest Nature - Steam Eruption - Toxic - Flamethrower / Fire Blast / (Lava Plume please GameFreak?) - Substitute I think this is probably Volcanion's best shot in OU, and after reading some posts, I agree that rocks...
  10. jg1198

    Pokémon Volcanion

    It seems to me that the best chance that this Mon has in ou will be to be a one slot answer to basically all fwg cores. To do this, I'd probably run a set with max hp, enough speed to beat 44 speed rotom-w and dump the rest into sp atk with a set of steam eruption whatever fire attack you please...
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    Official RU Stage 3 Suspect Voting

    Yanmega: Ban Zoroark: Do not ban
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    Metagame RU Stage 3: Alt Identification thread

    Identifying as Cool Joe 2
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    Metagame NP: Stage 3: Tunak Tunak Tun

    I haven't quite made reqs yet but I'd like to offer my opinion on both of these mons. Honestly I don't think either of these pokemon warrant a ban so far. They both are very strong offensive threats but the meta game has adapted to them quite well without forcing people to run stupid shit like...
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    np: XY OU Suspect Testing Round 5 - Ghost of Perdition

    I personally think having the entire metagame revolve around aegislash (and don't fool yourself, because it certainly does) is a very unhealthy thing, but at the same time, banning Aegislash will turn the entire metagame on its head, and I think that team matchup will become more important than...
  15. jg1198

    Suspect 4 Nomination Stage (read: post 49)

    1.) Fletchling 2.) Unban Yanma
  16. jg1198

    XY LC Suspect 4 (req = 1950 COIL)

    Made reqs as Cool Joe
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    Other Team Analysis Project - Balance

    Hey I love this thread, and am really bummed that it sort of died, as it really is a great idea for a thread, and I feel that it has helped me understand teambuilding, as I have always had trouble building successful teams. But anyways, Win Condition: As far as I can tell, CrashinBoomBang's...
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    First RMT : Mega-Gardevoir is a Murderer

    I would switch venusaur to amoonguss, without a doubt. Amoonguss sort of fills the same role, and is a much better defensive mon than regular venusaur, and is often a substitute for mega venu when the mega slot is already taken.
  19. jg1198

    3based5u: A Balanced Gen 6 OU Squad (Revamped)

    I hugely second using sylveon, but i would actually replace Heatran with Sylveon, and put stealth rock over spikes on Ferrothorn. This makes it so you still have rocks, which i find more important than spikes, and you still have strong stops to both physical and special attacks. Losing Heatran...
  20. jg1198

    The Howl of The Killer - Sand Offense [Peaked #18 - 1877]

    I really fail to see how this team beats even simple defensive cores like quagsire/skarmory/chansey. While I can definitely see how it performs well against offense, how do you beat stall?