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  1. Mute's Monstrosities

    Gosh, the forums move fast these days! O: anyways, have a thing Trio of LC mons I doodled up quick so that the LC tier hub might have some arts :3 currently, the Murkrow has found a home on the Resources page, and the Misdreavus on the History page. woohoo I have validated my...
  2. Yilx first place artist

    Concurring with Juicy's opinion on the hair lighting- it really dominates the picture, lovely though the shading is- and yeah, her nose is practically not there, she looks a bit like Voldemort's little sister ;P i realize it's an anime style and everything, but noses are a good thing, promise...
  3. Mute's Monstrosities

    what time is it? NECRO TIME here have a thing for the card project full size here (WHEE LOOKIT ALL THE MESSINESS) and for good measure, the larger size of a little doodle I did for Novaray on request, for an avatar avatar image (with shading!): here now go forth and hail my glorious...
  4.  Smeargle Card Project

    i drew a thing :u feel free to critique, I can always dick around with it more didn't add the numbers/suit to the borders since it looks like someone was saying they'd standardize them all??? but I can always add them. full size in the hide tags (look at your own peril, the messiness is...
  5.  Smeargle Card Project

    Gimme the 5 of Spades for Liepard, plz. lessee if I can handle this.
  6. VGC '11 US Northwest Regional - Seattle, WA - May 14th - WON BY biffsterPKMN

    Eh, it got a bad reflection in the picture, you can't see the colors and such. It's very nice, I can speak firsthand for that. And rather heavy.
  7. VGC '11 US Northwest Regional - Seattle, WA - May 14th - WON BY biffsterPKMN

    gah fuck so tired Made it to my first VGC and hooked up with the Ducks :3 So awesome to finally meet Smogoners. It was tons of fun, I doodled a few pictures, and I've promised Biffster a nice victory picture. +_+ Hanging out with you guys during and afterwards was excellent! Though I still...
  8. Art Competition Thingy

    Sounds interesting. o: I could be up for this.
  9. VGC '11 US Northwest Regional - Seattle, WA - May 14th - WON BY biffsterPKMN

    I am very excited :3 And yeah screw burritos, Taco Time all the way :I
  10. Mute's Monstrosities

    Dawww guys. I was pretty shocked to see my thread on the front page again without my intervention via the posting of new arts, and more shocked still to see so many positive comments in a short period. Made my morning. n.n Doesn't it? Haha. It's small, cute, and comes with its own personal...
  11.  Professor Smeargle: Digital Art Tutorial / Tutoring Thread

    For those that can't handle sketching on a tablet but are awesome sketching with traditional media- the only solution is practice. There is no magic brush or technique that will help you out. I speak from experience here- the first thing I drew with a tablet looked like absolute crap, though I...
  12. MAC 9 Poll

    COMMENTS :V in no particular order aragonbird: Beating a dead Ponyta, of course, but stunningly gorgeous art, as anyone would expect of you by now. However, I'm not as much of a fan of your take on the theme as others- when the theme is 'contrast', my instinct is that 'black vs white' is one...
  13. VGC '11 US Northwest Regional - Seattle, WA - May 14th - WON BY biffsterPKMN

    Bugger cars- you don't want to deal with the parking fees at the WSTCS, take it from me. I'm just bussing my way over.
  14. VGC '11 US Northwest Regional - Seattle, WA - May 14th - WON BY biffsterPKMN

    I dunno what it'll be like, but I think I'll go, now that I think about it. Obviously I can't actually participate, but maybe I'll finally meet cool folks from Smogon '_' and do pokeymans sketches for people that want em and so forth.
  15. VGC '11 US Northwest Regional - Seattle, WA - May 14th - WON BY biffsterPKMN

    Hmm, I've never been to one of these before, but it's right in my neighborhood... :P There's no way I could actually compete, but is it fun to just hang around at these sorts of things, do you guys know? I could just bring my sketchbook and doodle some pokeymans or whatever, I dunno :B
  16. Monthly Art Contest Megathread CLOSED

    Updated my submission :V just did an edit on my initial post at the top of this page. No big changes, mostly touch up, probably doesn't look much different to the casual eye but dangit I think it looks better >:I
  17. Monthly Art Contest Megathread CLOSED

    yaaay not quite last minute entry :V probably doesn't have a chance but WHO CARES it is pretty arts '_' Updated on 4/5. Just some touching up.
  18. Smogon Front Page B&W Pokemon Art Submissions

    Just an update, because you can never have enough Reuniclus :V Still needs a little work, as do my Volcarona and Hydreigon, but I'm puttering along. o: when I'm not cursing the amazing skillz of most of the artists in this thread, anyways.
  19. Smogon Front Page B&W Pokemon Art Submissions

    Jesus fuck, icepick, way to show the rest of us up :P Anyways, I'm a little late getting into this, but figured I'd toss up a few sketches. Thoughts or tips are well appreciated. Obviously they'll look better when I color them 6.6;