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  1. citro

    Media itt: movie/film discussion - Beware Spoilers

    Indeed, reversing the more familiar linear narrative structure... colouring the past with the present, is imo a stroke of cinematic genius in many ways which I have trouble articulating, but I can tell you understand it too. And you're welcome buddy
  2. citro

    Media itt: movie/film discussion - Beware Spoilers

    Ikiru is amazing. One of my favourites. Glad to see it mentioned here (same w any non western cinema). Couldn't persuade mum to watch it for ages because of the way I described the story but she ended up loving it. What were your favourite scenes? The swing scene made me cry as well. I also...
  3. citro

    Vegan/Vegetarian Thread

    Vegetarian since birth It was never an issue when my parents cooked for me because I'd get a balanced diet, but now I'm living on my own I'm finding it a lot harder, my subpar ability to cook and money limitations mean my diet is really really limited atm and I feel I'm not getting much...
  4. citro

    2016 musics

    Metro Boomin is amazing lately - he produced 2 of the best tracks on Tinashe's new mixtape, which I highly rec, as well
  5. citro

    2016 musics

    yeah,,ss.rd/2016 mostly 2016 music i have liked has been dance music/rnb, but there's some other good stuff too like - ---------- suzanne ciani - buchla concerts 1975 pioneering electronic musician who recorded some experimental...
  6. citro

    np: ORAS UU Stage 7.3 - See No Evil | Baton Pass Suspect - see post #110

    Nice post. Since you requested people elaborating on how their building was affected by Hydreigon for example one team I built for the Hydrei-less meta is a Crawdaunt/Gyara/HC Aero/Milotic team (Milotic even though I have 2 waters already because they cant check Entei). I tried building with...
  7. citro

    League of Legends: Let's Talk About uhhh??

    dont be toxic, go for objectives, stop playing if ur not enjoying yourself, test your champions limits, watch pro players, watch the minimap, use /mute all if ur getting flamed, dont play for too long, accomplish stuff in the day before u play league (feels way better), build good items
  8. citro

    ORAS UU Viability Ranking Thread V6

    I've used Milotic a lot and to me it's certainly a B+ rank mon at least. I think we have really different definitions of role compression, "role compression" in my perspective is when a Pokemon offers several things which a team actually /needs/, in UU this is an Entei switch-in, Hydrei...
  9. citro

    UnderUsed Teambuilding Lab

    I'd like to request an Offense/Balance/Bulky Offense team (NOT Hyper Offense, please) containing Venomoth. It would be good to have a thoughtful team which matches up OK vs the tier's best pokemon and common archetypes, using e.g. wallbreaker(s), cleaner(s), pivot(s), hopefully checks to common...
  10. citro

    Serious Police Brutality in the U.S.

    Today, all charges were dropped against the police officers involved in the death of Freddie Gray, who suffered neck and spine injuries which lead to his DEATH while being restrained but not secured in the back of a van, going against a policy introduced for the police prior to the arrest, but...
  11. citro

    ORAS UU Viability Rankings V5

    I can't see a reason to use RD Seismitoad alongside Mega Swampert, Seismitoad doesn't even beat any of the pokemon that Swampert struggles with (both offensive and defensive Celebi, Tangrowth, Alomomola, Suicune); while pokemon like Ludicolo and Kabutops have the STAB/boosting move/power to...
  12. citro

    Media itt: movie/film discussion - Beware Spoilers Kiarostami had an amazing visual language and insight into the human condition. I hope he's in a better place now. RIP. I highly recommend his film Taste of Cherry to anyone who either likes...
  13. citro

    Media Videogame thread

    Does anyone have experience with Wario Land 4?
  14. citro

    Bug Reports v2.0 (READ OP BEFORE POSTING!!)

    The dex search doesn't seem to list the Rotom formes under users of Volt Switch. Rotom-C is RU, Rotom-H UU, it's the same with Rotom-W but I didn't get it in the screenshot.
  15. citro

    UK and the EU referendum

    Clearly you're unaware that this actually backs up the point that I was making and further discredits yours, because it shows that the dying out of specific cultures is not primarily caused by immigration, but rather by changes in social consciousness or in socioeconomic conditions. In the...
  16. citro

    Poetry Thread

    I wrote this last night. I'd appreciate some criticism of it. I walked this way before, but where The sun was painted On the ebony, there's nothing there. The strange lights and I have since found Common ground. We pass by, airsickly. Light step on the garden Path, floating in a sea of...
  17. citro

    UK and the EU referendum

    Culture doesn't die out unless people let it. The OVERALL culture of a country can change. Traditional Japanese culture wouldn't be eliminated by coexisting with other cultures. Traditional English, Scottish, Irish or Welsh culture will only die out if people stop celebrating it or if everyone...
  18. citro

    Serious Orlando mass shooting

    can't respond right now as I'm really short on time but I definitely wasn't mentioning the Naxalites just because you're Indian haha, I didn't even notice that until I saw your profile just now. It was just one of the first things I thought of
  19. citro

    Serious Orlando mass shooting

    Some of the points you're making are wrong. The state does kill its own citizens: and yeah the Viet Cong was...
  20. citro

    Serious US Election Thread (read post #2014)

    Neither of these first two candidates are going to win the election. Seems like a wasted vote for someone who doesn't want Hillary to win.