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  1. Research Group #4 - Porygon-Z, Zoroark, Venomoth

    Exactly, for example, a modest nature agili pz is just a few speed points from outspeeding jolly stoutland in sand. However, modest does have extra power that if jolly, cannot 2 hit empoleon after a NP.
  2. Trick Room + Rain = You Decide!

    Why are you using politoed, its OU. This is only for UU RmTs
  3. An almost uu team

    1. Metagross is OU 2. Fix your lilligant set and 3. You need descriptions
  4. Hey lemar, and yes I remember you, how culd i not remember my first ever opponent in competetive...

    Hey lemar, and yes I remember you, how culd i not remember my first ever opponent in competetive pokemon. Anways whats up
  5. Offensive Stall

    Ya, and because of that, i replaced it with Empoleon. And I will give credit to Pokekazzam because he let me use his Xatu and Empoleon Sets, although i did change some of the moves and Evs.
  6. Offensive Stall

    I've just made some big changes, so I'm going to bump this thread
  7. First UU team - Help please =D

    Well, since you have 3 ice types weaknesses, how bout considering swampert. It walls zapdos without hp grass. Seeing that zapdos, is another pretty big threat to your team
  8. First UU team - Help please =D

    This is a pretty solid team. But if CB heracross predicts correctly. It can sweep most of your team. Gligar could be a nice replacement for hitmontop. Although you lose your rapid spinner, gligar almost walls all physical attackers in the tier. Plus, Gligar has a reliable recovery in the form of...
  9. my fav. UU team

    Hey there, cool team. I would like to say that refresh is a useless move on milotic. You should try and run toxic instead of it, to get some toxic stalling going seeing as you have 3 walls on your team.
  10. Psyducks' UU Team

    Ok, this is a pretty decent team I would say. What I would recommend is to give azumarill Ice punch instead of body slam. Ice punch is a better coverage move, and it can work due to Azumarill's great natural bulk. The other thing is to use rest over synthesis on Roserade. It restores all of its...
  11. All Hail Gurdurr

    Bumping, Its been ovr a month ago anyways and why not?
  12. Basic UU

    Gligar with immunity and roost is illegal
  13. Technical Support Mk. 2 (READ OP BEFORE POSTING!)

    How long did it take you before you could fully connect to the server?
  14. Technical Support Mk. 2 (READ OP BEFORE POSTING!)

    Hey, 1. PO version 1.053 2. Windows Vista 3. Yes I can, but not to smogon. 4. About 2 months ago 5. DQ knight 6. I think I got tembanned from smogon. Usually when I try to log it reads:(17:13:02) Connected to Server! (17:13:05) Disconnected from Server! But I've tried logging on these past few...

  16. Offensive Stall

    Thanks alot man!, I would have never in a million years thought to put knock off on heracross. TBH, I never even knew he could learn knock off. But anyways, thanks for the rate. I will test out hitmontop and see how it goes. As for moo also, thanks for the rate.
  17. Get on Po

    Get on Po
  18. Offensive Stall

  19. Im on

    Im on