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  1. Smogon Tour 21

    Thanks, last smogon tour I was in I believe was #3, so I don't remember how it works anymore lol.
  2. Smogon Tour 21

    Where will the sign ups be at? Here forums or the server?
  3. Battling on the Laboratory (OU Warstory)

    I think that Sapientia either misplayed or Sapientia thought that it was a Flygon and it had stayed in to Outrage either one of those two work i guess. Or Sapintia just thought that he might U-turn.
  4. Volcarona

    To people saying that Salamence/Gyarados/Heatran can take it are way wrong. Salamence takes 71.30% - 83.99% from a +1 LO Fire Blast. Thats a 66% to OHKO with SR up and thats a assuming a nature that doesn't hinder SpD. A non boosted LO Bug Buzz does 63.31% - 74.79% to Garchomp. That means that...
  5. Wyoming in Darkness Chapter (Round) 2

    VMed my oponent back
  6. BST Tournament Round 1

    Won vs Whitequeen in a bit haxy magtch GG
  7. Salamence

    I highly doubt Overconfidence is going to make a real impact on the OU metagame since you cold figure out its set once it came in (Unless you can get breeding moves in Dream World) Where it might see some more use is in Ubers considered since in there Salamence outspeeds quite a bit off the...
  8. BST Tournament Round 1

    Sent in my team activity post
  9. Smogon Superstars II sign-ups

    In I guess :D
  10. Team "Sinful Desire" - Ranked 7th on OU leaderboard

    Nice team you have here, and the fact that you got to #7 on the leaderboard proves it. The thing I have been wondering is how do you deal with LO Heatran leads. Most of the time they carry Hidden Power grass to teal with Swampert everything on your team gets OHKOed by it except Tyranitar which...
  11. The BST Tournament (OU) Signups

    inn (Edit for some reason everytime I read it it seems like it says "Bullshit tourney(OU)" Lol
  12. Wyoming In Darkness Chapter (Round) 1

    send him a VM hasnt responded activity post
  13. fo show when can you do this???

    fo show when can you do this???