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  1. Season 9 (Week 4 [DPP OU #2]) Won by [AEC] Fantomon

    in even though i probably missed the cutoff
  2. Random Pokemon Tournament Round 3

    I'm not dead. Arranging a battle.
  3. Bragging Rights Tournament Signups

    this looks fun. In.
  4. A Nu World - Signups!

  5. Random Pokemon Tournament Round 2

    Activity post, haven't heard from blue_blur.
  6. Random Pokemon Tournament Round 2

    thank you jumpluff. He hasn't signed on since the 24th, which is somewhat discourage. We'll see what happens.
  7. Whats your Valentines day going to be like?

    I am a lonely no life and have no girlfriend.
  8. Pokemon Black & White, aka Gen 5. Coming to Japan in Fall 2010.

    lol @ whining over aesthetics of the 'mascot pokemon'. Pokemon XD was rather lighthearted. Colosseum was gloomy to a point but really wasn't that bad. There were things in it that wouldn't be put into the handheld games such as the Under and depictions of slums, etc. I'm looking way too...
  9. School.

    Bullying is a non issue, and the classes (Even the 'advanced' ones) are ridiculously easy. Don't worry about it at all.
  10. The Item Restriction Tournament: Round 1

    My opponent can have the win. I've been icbb and pretty busy and don't haven't had much time. My schedule has freed up now but I can't do this. Sorry for any inconvenience.
  11. Random Pokemon Tournament Round 2

    Activity post. Blue_Blur hasn't posted and I can't find him on the members list .-. If someone could link me to his profile I would be immensely grateful.
  12. Whenever we can get around to it is good.

    Whenever we can get around to it is good.
  13. Random Pokemon Tournament Round 2

    Haha I like the teams, this should be fun :justin:
  14. Evil means a Christian God cannot exist?

    This all falls back to the belief that god exists, and that's an entirely different argument...
  15. Smogon American Idol Thread

    Who else was laughing when there was the weeaboo on Idol?
  16. Apprentice Program - "Round Fourty Six" - Zone C (6 AM - 2 PM EST)

    Username: Lusit Age:19 Shoddy Username: Many, usually either Lusit or Lusit. (with the period) though. Your timezone: EST What tier do you want to learn?: OU, particularly I want to learn how to play stall. Tell us a little about yourself: Well I've been playing pokemon for several years, ever...
  17. Random Pokemon Tournament Round 1

    I beat ICSY 3-0. I have logs if needed.
  18. Random Pokemon Tournament Round 1

    Yeah. I look for him all the time, but he's never on, unfortunately. I'm on all the time practically though.
  19. Prepare[d] for Trouble [Standard]

    I'm not going to do a full rate, but I'd like to point out that Metagross isn't affected by Intimidate due to Clear Body. Also, I suggest a timid Magnezone with a choice scarf over your set because I believe it is outsped and ohko'd by SD Scizor with Superpower. Magnezone @ Choice Scarf...