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  1. rhinopatomus

    Best pokemon to prepare for the 7 star charizard?

    A great battering ram for the Tera shield is assault vest flutter mane. Alternate between draining kiss and moonblast as needed. No setup and get to tera and spam. Lucky spa atk drops from moonblast make it a breeze. Charizard setting up sun even gives you an offense boost. Saw someone mention...
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    Other XY OU Mini Tour #2 Round 3

  3. rhinopatomus

    Other XY OU Mini Tour #2 Round 3

  4. rhinopatomus

    Round 82 & 83 Tutee Tournament - Finals [Won by Memoric]

    Username:rhinopatomus Age:22 Pokemon Showdown: uchiwa, prince of ravens Your timezone and usual hours of availability: GMT -7, I'm not always able to access pokemon showdown but I can access the forums with my phone What tier do you want to learn?:XY Little Cup, XY OU Tell us a little about...
  5. rhinopatomus

    Flavourmons: what if you took the flavor text literally? (no OHKO or Auto-Win effects)

    S0L1D G0LD I really think you're missing the point of creating a new meta. Sure you want something balanced and fun to play but especially with this concept for strictly adhering to the dex entires, there are going to be ridiculous changes. That's the fun of it. I say hold it back a little when...
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    Old fucking man fight me

    Old fucking man fight me
  8. rhinopatomus

    Fucking noob

    Fucking noob
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    Suspect 3 Nomination Stage

    1) Berry juice 2) Murkrow I see no reason to waste a perfectly good suspect test on swagger when it will most definitely get the ax in OU.
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    Other XY OU Viability Ranking Thread (V2) (Last update on post #5189)

    While it is probably the best spinner, taking up the sole mega slot on a team is too costly to have a good spinner, especially when excadrill can do the same and you can use another mega.
  11. rhinopatomus

    Hahaha oooops. Watch you win the whole thing on accident

    Hahaha oooops. Watch you win the whole thing on accident
  12. rhinopatomus

    Hey masterclass you and me are opponents for the little cup tournament. I don't know what time...

    Hey masterclass you and me are opponents for the little cup tournament. I don't know what time is good for you but if you let me know a time I can try to make it work. I'm looking forward to fighting someone from spl even if its not your tier. Maybe you can teach me a thing or two
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    XY LC Suspect 3 (req = 1950 COIL)

    Finally ;__;
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    Resource Useful LC stuff / Introductions / Simple Questions Simple Answers

    Well I figured I'd introduce myself formally and finally as I wait for the servers to restart. I'm rhinopatomus. Half rhino half hippopotamus. I'd rather not go into the story....I'm kidding its my nickname my irl friends gave me. Anyways, back to introducing myself. I'm a pretty new smogoner...
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    Natu (Ready) QC [0/3]

    In team options you put joltik for sticky web support when joltik unfortunately does not get sticky web. Spinarak can though so I suppose you could just switch spinarak for joltik. I don't know why that needs to be mentioned though. Natu is itself a support mon, support like sticky web seems...
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    Let's Play! Twitch Plays Pokemon

    Except the 30k are all fighting over what and how to destroy it. Or to even fight. I wouldn't mind if they spent a day at the theater dancing with the kimono girls.
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    Froakie (QC 3/3)

    Not really. Its pretty gimmicky