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  1. Sceats

    Pokémon Appletun

    Yep, tested ingame that ripen does not change the 1/16 recovery rate and that leftovers are not prevented by unnerve despite triggering the ripen ability on use. As much as that's a loss, thick fat would still have been very hard to pass up for the kind of set that wants leftovers recovery.
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    Pokémon Alola Exeggutor

    Why not have exeggutor run its own trick room?
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    Data Pokemon Sun/Moon Battle Mechanics Research

    Does Water Compaction interact with rain?
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    This is great advice. However if you want the easier win then swap 'armour' mid fight. It gives you a huge ratings boost.
  5. Sceats

    Shiny Pokemon Experiences

    ORAS has been great for this. I havent seen any official confirmation anywhere, but chaining the dexnav has landed me a shiny numel, shroomish and minun after about an hour for each, without the charm.
  6. Sceats

    ORAS General Discussion - Mark 2 - Spoilers Inside

    I dont know how much info there is on this, but so far I have caught 3 shinies by chaining the dex nav (highest was 125, lowest was 28). Seems like its gotten a similar mechanic to fishing. Also, hydro pump surskit made the early game more enjoyable than I ever remember a pokemon game being.
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    The Legend of Korra (Spoilers ITT)

    There's always a little bit of truth mixed up with a lie. She's still going to backstab Kuvira hard though.
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    Super Smash Bros 4 (Spoilers ITT)

    That announcer for the live stream made everything about three times as watchable. Their final announcement was that Mewtwo is in for those thay register both smash games. Hope finding a mate with the 3DS version and registering them together will work out...
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    The Legend of Korra (Spoilers ITT)

    I would be amazed if that had been an intentional decision, but yeah. It makes that final scene that much better.
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    Sticky Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire

    Hi there, just casually grasping at straws and all... But it seems likely that the connection between AZ and alpha and omega could be deliberate.
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    Let's Play! Twitch Plays Pokemon

    Can I just point out that in the last battle against Silver, togepi whipped out an earthquake against a magnemite!!? Metronome is actually the greatest.
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    Pokémon Gardevoir

    In my experience it works fairly well since I often tends to get a flashfire boost from tracing heatran. Having what is pretty much flamethrower is really useful for hitting a predicted switch in. Faces harsh competition from W-o-W though.
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    Let's Play! Twitch Plays Pokemon

    They really just need to use the item pc in pallet and withdraw surf and a moonstone for nidorino. Much safer that way.
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    Let's Play! Twitch Plays Pokemon

    Agatha will pretty much be a game breaker at this point.
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    Let's Play! Twitch Plays Pokemon

    I think the plan for the safari zone is to just lose the limit on steps.
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    Your Pre-Competitive "Strategy"

    There is nothing that makes more sense in the world, as a Groudon with Solarbeam. Truth.
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    Pokémon XY General Discussion

  18. Sceats

    Round XIX: Coconut vs Banana, Exeggutor vs Tropius!

    Exeggutor Classy from the start, Best pokemon by far. Also choice specs x3 (...)
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    Long time, no contact man. Hows life been?

    Long time, no contact man. Hows life been?
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    CAP 16 CAP 5 - Part 8 - Art Poll 1

    elcheeso CyzirVisheen