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  1. Pidge

    Mafia Championship Season 10

    lol his bio is good
  2. Pidge

    Big Everyone is Pokemon Pokemon 6

    EiPP6 is over, thanks for the interest, but if anyone wants to join the server and see what this is all about, the new server link is: Look forward to EiPP7 and 8.
  3. Pidge

    Stuff you (and nobody else) say every day and know EXACTLY where it came from

    i say cap. it means i am incredulous of someone or something. no cap
  4. Pidge

    Big Everyone is Pokemon Pokemon 6

    Hey everyone, if you like Pokemon battling or were looking for a fun community game to play, why not join EiPP 6? EiPP is a massive and chaotic free-for-all Pokemon battle that plays out over the course of about a week. Many people in the Smogon Circus community are active players. Winning...
  5. Pidge

    Official Smogon Tournament XIX - Round 3-B (REPLAYS REQUIRED)

    I'd like to call activity:
  6. Pidge

    Official Smogon Tournament XIX - Round 2-C (REPLAYS REQUIRED)

    won in 3
  7. Pidge

    Official SV OU Suspect Process - Round 2 Voting

    Chien-Pao: Ban
  8. Pidge

    Announcement SV OU Suspect Process, Round 2 - Voter Identification Thread

    ouzooaz TPP edit: confirmed
  9. Pidge

    Tournament Smogon Draft Kick-off Tour - Battle Pools (Round One) - Pool #33-#64

    I’d like to call act vs two opponents, especially since my availability this weekend is shoddy. Pool 64. Check VMs:
  10. Pidge

    Official SV OU Suspect Process - Round 1 Voting

    No Action Reveal Tera type at team preview 1 Tera user per team (first team slot) Only STAB Tera types allowed Outright ban
  11. Pidge

    Announcement SV OU Suspect Process, Round 1 - Voter Identification Thread

    oudj species. shoulda switched teams after losing like 4 much earlier. :jirachi: edit: confirmed!
  12. Pidge

    Tournament Smogon Draft Kick-off Tournament - Signups [Custom Avatar Prize] [$450 Prize Pool]

    Name Pidge Discord Tag zoa#7979 Time Zone GMT-6:00
  13. Pidge

    If there was an actual school for teaching competitive pokemon, what would the curriculum look like?

    teachers would get mad when their students start goofing off and reading history and science books, instead of practicing on Pokemon Showdown!
  14. Pidge

    Think of a guy [TUTORIAL]

    (i wanna be) the guy
  15. Pidge

    Survivor SmORGon Season 20: Cobalt Coastlands [Signups]

    This is definitely going to be a season of all time.
  16. Pidge

    Seeking Advice on a huge life transition [serious]

    Unplug your keyboard. By the time you can piece together your Xbox Live inspired phrase by copy and pasting letters individually with your mouse, your opponent will have most likely left the room.
  17. Pidge

    Everyone is Pokemon Pokemon 4: STAAABmons

    (approved by Broil) Hello everyone, just wanted to post this here to maybe attract some new faces. If you're a fan of Pokemon battling or games found in Circus Maximus, EiPP may interest you. After 3 seasons and hosting around 100 players, Everyone is Pokemon Pokemon (EiPP) will begin its...