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  1. The Dark Horse Project (NU Edition)

    Ah shit i didn't realize Haunter was A, thanks! Also i believe Regice is realeased, but i'll find out as soon as i try to use it :)
  2. The Dark Horse Project (NU Edition)

    Pokemon Showdown! Username: Dark Camelot Hall of Fame Standing: None yet Dark Horse Pokemon Currently Working With: Camerupt Current Ladder Standing on Pokemon Showdown!: around 1000 (had to win a game to register) My set: Dark Camel Project (Camerupt) (M) @ Choice Band Trait: Solid Rock Shiny...
  3. Project Neverused: Revival

    Jorah (Ursaring) (M) @ Leftovers Trait: Guts EVs: 252 HP / 252 SDef / 4 Spd Careful Nature - Bulk Up - Sleep Talk - Rest - Return As this set is based off SubBU Braviary, and people will claim it is outclassed by it, i will list the pros and cons and give my conclusion. Pros: -No...
  4. LC The Dornish Marches

    Thank you, i will incorporate all of those changes, except for the Magnemite item change, because i really need him to be fast, to have some speed out of sandstorm. Thanks Again! EDIT: i'm also not sure if i'll go for fake out on Mienfoo, as i believe it's not such a great move, but i'll try it.
  5. Little Cup Viability Rankings

    Wooper: B Rank It's not used very often, but it's a great counter to set up sweepers, has a great typing, and is quite bulky. It also hits surprisingly hard for such cute little fish, and can phaze with Yawn. I use this set on my Sand Storm team Quentyn (Wooper) (M) @ Eviolite Trait...
  6. LC The Dornish Marches

    Harsha: This will be reopened in about two weeks. Please do not post multiple RMTs in close proximity. Hi everyone, After getting a lot of help on my previous NU Team, i still abandoned it, because i simply could not seem to climb above 1500 rating even if i w on 10 battles and lost 1, so i...
  7. The Tears of Lys

    I have indeed kept the adamant nature on Nymeria, as she doesn't get outsped by much that i can't oneshot with sucker punch, and i need that extra punch. I'll try the Golurk, although i'm a bit hesitant to drop my only true physical wall. I'll try it though.
  8. The Tears of Lys

    hmmmm... i'll think about the change, but honsetly i really like my torkoal, it's very reliable, and i hate playing without a spinner on a team that's not extremely offensive. i'll try the Jolly absol though. Thanks!
  9. The Tears of Lys

    Bump-because of changes made.
  10. Myfirst Nu rmt

    About the layout, you can instantly import from Pokemon Showdown in the teambuilder, and just copy/paste it to your post. and on spelling i think people should be a bit less eliteist, not everyone has perfect spelling, as long as you can read it, what's the deal?Well, i'm no expert on the...
  11. The Tears of Lys

    After my previous RMT, which sucked ass, here's one, once again for NU, with a slightly more tested non-gimmick team, that actually works quite well. It is, as most of my teams, Game of Thrones themed. Viserys (Arbok) (M) @ Black Sludge Trait: Intimidate EVs: 252 Atk / 252 Spd / 4 HP Jolly...
  12. Natures Rivals .. RMT

    Have you considered switching carracosta out for torkoal (or armaldo, but i personally fin that thing useless). If your main special wall takes 50% from SR, it may be a good idea to have a good spinner. You can either go the standard 248/252/8 bold torkoal with Rapid Spin, SR, Lava Plume, and...
  13. The Rains of Castamere; A Neverused Rain Team

    Hello, my name is Donphantastic, Ironborn on PS, and this is my second RMT. I recently started playing more NU instead of UU, and have made quite a few teams since then, some more succesful than others. After trying my luck at some of the more conventional cores, a gimmicky baton pass team, and...
  14. My First Competitive Team

    If i were you i'd run Rest on roserade, instead of Synthesis, because you already get a decent amount of healing from Giga Drain, and the amount Synthesis gives isn't that much more than an unresisted Giga Drain. I use the exact same Roserade but with Rest on two teams, and it's very good. Rest...
  15. Rate my team please

    Well thanks for not Ambipom bashing even further :) I'll try Crobat in the lead/scout slot, and trick and Ice Punch. Also, i might give Kanghaskan a shot if i don't like crobat. Thanks!
  16. Rate my team please

    I'll gice it a shot, but Smog or not, ambipom is pretty good, it's fake out hits far harder than Mienshao's, and i kinda like U-Turn on my set for scouting. But i'll try.
  17. Rate my team please

    Hello, after being redirected to the right forum, i'll post my team here. Even though i was told my team "is not up to standards for what we expect of an RMT", i feel like it's good enough, even though there is no clear "theme" to it. i've gotten a decent rating with it IMO, and most losses are...
  18. 101 Signs You Need Help in UU

    I'm not sure why he didn't go for the sucker punch, maybe he thought it was too obvious and i'd switch in something (like my ambipom) and wanted to take it down on the switch, or maybe he was just carrying an unconventional move on that crow, also i have no idea if it was scarfed, since it was...
  19. 101 Signs You Need Help in UU

    Sign #8 Spamming fire moves when the other player has a Chandelure on their team. I'll give an example for this, although this was more of a good prediction on my side than a very obvious fire move. Today i was playing some random UU battle, and my Bronzong was up against a Honchkrow. I don't...